Is 6 Inches enough?

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The million dollar question most men want answers too, but are too afraid to ask anyone, so we turn to strangers on question-and-answer websites like Quora and Reddit to validate our feelings and concerns. “Is 6 inches enough?”, and more importantly, are women satisfied?

As if the male ego wasn’t fragile enough, seeking validation from total strangers after making several measurements to make sure you don’t lose even a quarter of an inch of your true length is bordering on plain ridiculous and a wee bit sad.

We all do it, but is this something we should even be doing?

So is 6 Inches Enough?

is 6 inches enough

One way to put it is: It’s not about the size of the vessel, it’s about the motion in the ocean.

Realistically and logically speaking, 6 inches is more than enough to help a woman achieve her orgasm. It’s never about size when it comes to making a woman orgasm, it all lies in your technique. In other words, are you listening to her body, and are you using all the tools correctly? Are you focusing on her clit?

If you and your 6 or more inches are merely thrusting, and not taking everything else into consideration, like the importance of foreplay and setting the mood, mastering the positions she likes, making sure she’s comfortable, and hitting the right spots, then whatever you have in your pants will never be enough.

What you measure on the ruler shouldn’t be your main priority. Instead of asking yourself, “Is 6 inches enough?”, ask yourself if you know how to properly please a woman

But is 6 Inches enough for Women?

The truth is, it all depends on the woman.

We don’t know the minds of women, it would take an astrophysicist or a nuclear scientist to figure that out! But, we know ourselves, so we can use ourselves as examples. We know the aspects of the female body that we find more appealing than others, and what turns us on.

For some of us, it’s whatever, and we’re just glad to be there. For others, we are turned on by aspects like the size of the areolas, nipples, butt, waist, hips and the list goes on.

Based on that we could say that women can have preferences too. When 67 women were asked if dick size mattered the responses of course varied. The majority of the answers leaned towards average-sized dicks, and were more concerned with if the guys knew how to use it properly. Only 11 women wanted really big penises, but most of the women were afraid because contrary to popular belief, big penises aren’t that fun and can be unpleasant.

And, when it comes on to sex appeal, women have more to look forward to than the size of the penis. Some of them worry about the appearance, so consider [shaving your balls] and doing a bit of manscaping!

If the average size is enough for women, then it should be enough for you. That’s who it’s for after all.

What is the Average Penis Size for Men?

6 inches is more than enough, so what’s the average size? For that, we turn to science for accuracy. Ironically, when men were asked to measure it themselves for different studies, the average size was 6.2 inches and even more for gay men. As men, we tend to embellish in that area, so of course, the researchers had to take the measurements themselves. The resulting range was between 5.1 inches and 5.5 inches with most men being at the lower end of this range.

Interestingly enough, the study revealed that the majority of the men in the study wished they had a bigger penis. This, of course, is due to societal pressures and some unrealistic expectations we can blame on the adult entertainment industry. Curse you pornos.

Some of the guys even shared that they’d be down to try penile lengthening surgery. Yes, this is a thing and the American Urological Association advises against these surgeries because they are super risky. There are also a ton of products and devices on the market touting penis enlargement capabilities. To each his own, man, but most of them don’t work and you might regret it in the long run.

The experts say that most men who seek out penis enlargement have average-sized and normal penises.

Porn has deceived Men into thinking it’s not enough

stop watching porn

One thing we often forget about porn is that it’s a business. That means everything has to look perfect to be more appealing to customers. In some instances, it can even stretch the boundaries of reality. C’mon, how many women do you see walking around daily with boobs the size of watermelons? A lot of these things are exaggerated to fulfill the fantasies of the consumers, and for women, that can mean a guy with a big dick.

For a lot of guys, and maybe even you, their first experience with sex and seeing how women react to a guy’s penis is through porn. A lot of us were tuning in during our teens when our bodies weren’t even fully developed and that sorta affected our psyche a bit and played a role in our self-esteem.

As you reflect on these things, remember that the bottom line for the producers is high production value and appeasing customers. The majority of the time, that has nothing to do with reality. So the next time you watch porn, remember that they cast the guys with monster cocks for a reason, and you don’t have to worry about yours because, in real life, women don’t even want that, and can’t even manage it!


Is 6 inches enough? The answer is yes. Now that you’ve got your answer, put down the ruler, stop comparing your penis to those freakishly huge dicks in pornos and face reality. Your dick is fine. Focus on the things that really matter towards getting her orgasm. That’s what makes a man a man, not the size of his dick.

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