Idris Elba Outfits: Signature Looks

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Aside from his prolific acting career and rumors of being the new James Bond, Idris Elba is one of the most iconic male celebrities in the fashion scene. He is perfectly capable of bringing class and sophistication into his formal outfits while simultaneously exuding his fun personality with smart casual for his days off. Many men look up to this talented 48-year-old who seems to have cracked the male fashion code which is why we have complied the best Idris Elba outfits for your fashion inspiration.  

One of the most significant traits of this former English DJ is his eye for picking out clothes that never seem trashy or give off try-hard vibes. He always sticks to classy suits, neutral tones, and well-fitting outfits. Many flashy trends come and go, but Idris Elba knows to stick to good tailoring and timeless pieces. He definitely knows how to portray the alpha male personality.

In this article, we shall break down all Idris Elba outfits so that they can be replicated to achieve the same disposition that he always airs.


How to Achieve Idris Elba’s Fashion Sense

When trying to achieve Idris Elba fashion, it is essential to stick to well-tailored outfits that are not too flashy. His style always seems effortless, but he works hard to make it seem this way. Let’s get into the different categories of Idris Elba outfits that this icon always appears to stick to.



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To get the Idris Elba fashion look, you will have to get your formal outfits in order. Elba likes to stick to time-tested, sophisticated formal suits. At red carpet events, you will always find him wearing a proper fitting suit in various shades of black, gray, and navy. However, he does like to experiment with other colors, like his emerald jacket and waistcoat outfit for the 2019 Golden Globes. He doesn’t shy away from bold patterns with intricate details, as long as the rest of his outfit is muted.

Idris Elba always makes sure to sport a tie or bowtie in formal events. He wears a black or navy tie, making sure to match with his suit. His choice among formal shirts appears to be a white shirt with a straight point collar, but he does switch this up, bringing detailing to his collars with sleek metal pins.

Our iconic actor also knows how to pick his shoes. He always wears shiny, sleek black shoes for formal events. If he is in a suit, no matter the color, his shoes are always black. For awards ceremonies and red carpets, Idris Elba always wears elegant dress shoes. He avoids flashy-colored shoes and trendy designs in favor of classic footwear.


Smart Casual

How to Dress Like Idris Elba

A man like Idris Elba knows how to balance between events with a strict dress code and those that are lax in their outfit requirements. While he loves to wear classy suits, sometimes he wears the ultimate smart casual that seamlessly fits the bill while making him stand out regardless.

A style that suits him best, smart casual outfit choices come easy to Elba. His outfit for an informal event is usually a polo shirt, coat, and well-fitting dark pants. Idris Elba loves his leather jackets, which protect against London’s cold, windy weather.

When it comes to smart casual, Idris Elba loves his shoes. He loves to wear classy sneakers in solid colors like white or navy blue when he has jeans on. Plus, it is not out of character to spot him with a pair of fancy loafers to complete his look. Take note that his shoes are never flashy or in gaudy colors like red or yellow.


Idris Elba’s 2HR SET and line with Superdry


There’s nowhere else to study Idris Elba’s style other than his very own fashion line. Carefully curated by the one and only, 2HR SET is a unisex line featuring apparel and accessories that are geared towards loungewear and casual outfits. The line includes pieces like hoodies, t-shirts, sweatpants, and slides. It offers the ideal wear for summertime when all you have on your schedule is chilling.

According to Elba, his 2HR SET is inspired by him allocating 2 hours to get his productivity in on any given day. It was launched in 2018 in the UK and sold out almost immediately. 2HR SET is also available worldwide, and collaborations are being discussed with other prominent icons.

Another place to get fashion inspiration for Idris Elba outfits is his collaboration with Superdry. Idris Elba + Superdry is a fashion range designed by Elba that completely portrays his personal style. It features dark and neutral tones, like black, gray, and navy. This actor knows how to select his fabrics to add that touch of luxe and class. The fabrics include premium nubuck leathers, cashmere, and organic cotton.

The collaboration features pieces like biker jackets, coats, sweaters, shirts, polos, and pants. These are all essential items for any man who likes to be seen as well-dressed. These pieces are direct from the source – this celebrity was named the best-dressed man by GQ, a popular men’s magazine.


Casual Styles

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While Idris Elba always seems to carry an air of sophistication and seriousness, he does have a great sense of fashion on his days off acting, DJ’ing, and being a brand ambassador. The fact that he manages to maintain a balance between formal and casual displays his complete understanding of male fashion in the 21st century.

Idris Elba looks stunning in his well-curated t-shirts, polos, and pullovers. However, he always sticks to dark, moody colors with no patterns. Favoring more black, navy, and gray, this gentleman knows how to mix play with maturity. A t-shirt will be paired with a long coat or a rustic leather jacket.

For a completely chill and casual day, it is not out of character to see Idris Elba wearing a t-shirt, washed-out jeans, and a pair of comfortable sneakers. He will opt for these when out of the eyes of cameras, but he still manages to pull off the look.


Signature look

idris elba style

Idris Elba is a man that can pull any look off. He takes care of his body, and his frame ensures that anything will look good on him. He looks right at home in formal suits with a neat tie and black dress shoes. However, his signature style always wows people. He knows how to dress to flatter every aspect of his personality.

Idris Elba fashion is characterized by his choice of outfit pieces and color. His outfit will almost always feature a dapper coat or jacket. This jacket should be a dark shade, maybe black, navy, or even khaki. He wears pants that are well-fitting and cut close. He never wears pants that are brightly colored, choosing to stick to dark and muted colors like back, navy, and in some cases, maroon.

He does not shy away from t-shirts and polos, again sticking to muted tones. Idris Elba also likes his loafers in shades of brown, black, and navy. If you are thinking of starting a new wardrobe, stick to Idris Elba fashion. Idris Elba outfits always feature different pieces of the same categories of clothes, so you won’t need to be too creative with trends and colors.


Idris Elba Outfits Lookbook

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idris elba outfits


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