Classic Idris Elba Beard Styles

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Whilst Idris Elba outfits continue to make headlines as well as speculations of becoming the next James Bond, what’s of equal interest is the Idris Elba beard conversation due to his variety stylings.

He has appeared on the red carpet with different beard styles and his facial hair probably had something to do with his 2018 People Magazine award as one of the ‘sexiest’ men alive.

Some of Idris Elba’s beard styles have been inspired by his different roles in TV & film such as Hobb & Shaw, Luther, and Mandela.

Below are the most notable classic beard styles for which Idris Elba is famously known for.



Here the most Classic Idris Elba Beard Styles



Clean Shaven

idris clean shaven

Idris went clean-shaven for his role as Macavity, the Mystery Cat, in the movie version of the Andrew Lloyd-Webber musical Cats. However, in an Instagram live video, he pointed out that his family members, especially his wife, were not fans of his new look.

He explained, “You know there is a reason black men love facial hair, you know what I’m saying? It’s a kind of a shape thing. Whenever I have to shave off my facial hair, it’s like what the front door man does – but now and again, I just have to appreciate it as I get older.”




A goatee is a beard style that consists of hair on the chin and usually the upper lip. The standard goatee beard style unites the upper and the chin beard to a minimal level. Idris has occasionally rocked in this beard style, adding to his subtle grooming style of tuxedos.

The goatee beard is famous among people with round faces, which leaves guys with a beard circle around the mouth. Other celebrities seen with goatee beards aside from Idris Elba are Jamie Foxx, Johnny Depp, and Tom Hardy.



idris Elba beard

A mustache is any facial hair that goes specifically on the upper lip. To achieve a mustache beard, you need to grow it while occasionally shaving the rest of the face. The beard style works best for guys who want to keep their beard simple without growing a full beard. Celebrities like Nick Offerman have grown mustaches in their acting careers.


Full Beard

idris full beard

A full beard consists of a beard around the mustache, cheek, chin, and neck. The beard style was a signal of power during the rule of Merovingian kings. However, the class has been shrugged off as a mere trend in the 21st Century.

Idris’ most iconic beard style is a full beard. In 2018 he was named the sexiest man alive by People Magazine. His response was, “I was like, ‘Come on, no way. Really?’.

He later tweeted, “Who’d have thought it! Thank you, people and all the fans, for naming me #SexiestManAlive.“I am honored & thankful.


Grey Stubble

grey stubble

Grey stubble looks fabulous on guys and requires low maintenance. Although grey stubble is a few hairs turning grey, you don’t need to shave it but maintain the growth with care.

Most men start getting grey hair in their 20s, 30s, or 40s. The main reason is genetics, when your genes stop producing melanin in your hair follicles. With Idris’ age one year shy of 50 years, his beard turns grey fast. The gray stubble still makes him look ‘sexy’ like other celebrities.


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