How to Wear a Tie?

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The necktie is a focal piece of ensemble and this one staple accessory has defined the gentleman look for centuries and knowing the correct way how to wear a tie is essential.

Whether you are wearing a wool blouson or sporting a leather jacket, you put on a tie, and all the spotlight will move to that one tiny accessory.

When the tie is such an essential add-on to your attire, it pays to know how to wear a tie and which tie, in fact, for different occasions.

So here is what we will talk about in this blog:

  • How to wear a tie?
  • How should you choose the right tie?
  • How to choose the right colour and pattern for your tie?
  • Different fabrics of tie you should know
  • How to pair ties for different occasions?

Go on, keep reading to find all the golden secrets to rock your little knotted accessory.

A Step-By-Step Tutorial on How to Wear a Tie

1. Whether or not you are the perfect suitor, you should never ignore being a perfect tie-er. A tie indeed elevates the look of an otherwise bland outfit, but that holds only when you wear it the right way.

2. We bring you the easiest tutorial on how to wear a tie. Learn and flaunt!

3. Start with upturning the collar and drape the tie around your neck.

4. Hold the wider end of the tie in your dominant hand, and the narrow end in the other hand.

5. Move the tie over your neck in such a manner that the narrow end rests a foot above the wide end of the tie.

6. Now cross the wider end over the narrow end of the tie and hold it with your non-dominant hand at the place where they intersect.

7. With your dominant end, you can now run the wide end under the narrow end to further bring it forth from above their intersecting point. The wide end is again over the narrow one but with a round over the intersection.

8. Time to switch hands. Bring the wide end up through the loop between your neck and the tie. Keep pulling it out until the end, over the narrow end.

9. Do not let go of the wide end yet. Using your other hand, make a small loop of it within the knot. Push it down through the loop, starting with the tip.

10. To tighten the knot, squeeze it gently with your non-dominant hand while pulling down the narrow end with your other hand. Slowly, slide the knot upwards up till the front of your collar.

11. Adjust the knot to centre it. The length of the tie should reach the top of your waist belt buckle. The narrow end should be shorter than the wide end and not be visible from the front.

12. Flip your collar down and have a look in the mirror. There, you have aced the art of wearing a tie like a majestic!

How to Choose the Right Tie?

Ties are not the one size fits all accessories. You have to choose your tie according to your body type and preferences. Know your tie before you pick one for an occasion.

Broadly there are skinny ties and traditional ties. While the former measures 6 cm at its widest point, the latter goes as wide as 9 cm.

A skinny tie can be well paired with casual clothes. A person with slender shoulders, chest, or torso can choose it as it balances well with their body build. If your suit is quite trim and has a narrow lapel, a skinny tie is the best pick.

On the other hand, a traditional tie is a go-to pick for a classic suit. It works better with formals, as a skinny tie inside a formal buttoned suit does not look good. Moreover, if your athletic body build is wide, a regular tie is your friend. It also works just fine for a wide lapel or a double-breasted suit.

While there is no hard and fast rule, it all comes boiling down to what compliments your personality the most and what you’re most comfortable wearing.

Choosing the Right Tie Colour and Pattern

Like most clothing pieces in your wardrobe, colour becomes a significant factor while defining your outfit of the day. No matter the occasion you’re dressing up for, your outfit has room for just one statement piece. So, for a bold outfit, choose a subtle tie. With neutral colours, you have a blank canvas, so take your tie to the centre stage.

First thing first, a standard black tie can never go wrong. Keep it reserved for formal events. Sober, deeper shades, such as burgundy or blue, set the playing field for a safe look.

As far as patterns are concerned, pick the ones that do not contrast your shirt or blazer. The golden rule is a muted base with popping, contrasting stripes.

The Tale of Tie Fabrics

A perfect tie suitor needs to go through a myriad of decisions to take care of every little detail. The precision of fabric according to season or occasion is quite essential. Here are the most common tie fabrics –

●      Silk

Silk, being a highly absorbent fabric, is the most versatile tie material. It’s soft, durable, and resistant to wrinkles. Wear it on a social occasion or a business setting in any weather without any complaints.

●      Cotton

Best suited for spring and summer and laid-back social events, cotton ties are soft and breathable. They come in various textures and patterns, providing you with options for experimenting with your style.

●      Linen

Being lightweight and breathable, linen is the iconic tie fabric for peak summers. They give a nonchalant vibe, and you can wear them on casual occasions. 

●      Wool

Contrary to their name, wool ties are not woolly but are made of suiting fabrics. A perfect pair in the winters and fall, wool ties bring sophistication to an otherwise casual suit.

●      Polyester

Polyester is a silk look-alike but less expensive. They have the most patterns and colour varieties. However, they are not breathable, so avoid them in summer.

Ties come in multiple different styles and fabrics therefore it’s important to mention each will need to be cared for different. Our How to Get Rid of Tie Stains editorial shows you how to care for your tie dependent on the fabric.

How to Wear a Tie for Different Occasions?

While dressing to look the part, you should not miss the tiniest details. Ties have stood the test of time, lest you do not dress them according to the occasion.

●      Formal

At formal events, to aim for a classy look, pair your suit with a dark-coloured tie. Choose a 100% solid silk tie to add the needed glam. You can never go wrong with deep colours, such as navy, burgundy, brown, olive green, black, or deep purple.

●      Business

A standard work combo is to pair your suit with striped or abstract silk, wool, or cashmere according to the season. To add more life to your attire, experiment with the colours and prints. Avoid knitted ties at all costs; they look casual.

●      Casual

Ties are not reserved for office meetings or networking events. A date night, a casual Friday at the office, or a BBQ set up with friends, any occasion can be a calling for a tie. For a unique aesthetic, opt for pastel colours with print or knitted patterns, and pair it with a sports jacket, casual shirt, and jeans.

A wrong tie is as bad as an ill-fitted blazer. The right vocabulary of tie can elevate your look and make you the perfect tie suitor.

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