How to Wear a Flannel for Men

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A flannel shirt is characterized by its plaid pattern, traditionally made of cotton and plaid that has been produced since the late 19th century. For its uniqueness in colour and style a common question that occurs is “How to Wear a Flannel for Men” which we will guide you. 

This shirt makes a bold statement no matter who you are, and if you’re wearing it right, it can add some style to your outfit, as well as warmth in cold weather. 

If you want to try one but aren’t sure how to make the most of this iconic garment, this article will help you do so with ease. Please keep reading to learn how to wear a flannel shirt and look great while doing it!

Our job is simple, show you the best ways how to wear a flannel for men, allowing you to make better purchases and styling options.


What is a Flannel Shirt?

What is a Flannel Shirt

Since the dawn of time, flannel has been one of the most popular materials for making clothing. As the name suggests, it’s a soft, woven fabric composed of wool or cotton that has been milled and lifted somewhat. Farmers and the working class were among the first to adopt it, attracted by its affordability and comfort.

A check print was applied to the cloth as it developed and quickly became its distinguishing feature. Grunge eventually embraced flannel in the 1990s, giving it a new, edgy vibe. 

These shirts are still popular today because of how soft and stylish they are while still being exceptionally comfortable to wear. As a result, they’re an essential part of every gentleman’s wardrobe.

Red Flannel 

The red flannel happens to be the most popular among other colors, and a lot of individuals always prefer a check pattern to a plain one. In addition to being hard to come by, simple red flannel shirts might look like pajamas when worn and may be difficult to style.

Choose red that is less saturated if you want to wear checks. In this way, you’ll achieve a stylish, rock ‘n’ roll vibe while avoiding the “picnic rug” look. If you’re in search of an easy way to spruce up an otherwise dull outfit, then this is the perfect piece. Our featured image should be a great starting point for you!



Plain or Checkered Flannel?

Plain or Checkered Flannel

Flannel shirts are often available in check patterns, although they can also be found in plain colors. The choice of a checkered or straightforward design will impact how and when you wear the shirt. 

Checkered flannel shirts generally give off a more laid-back vibe, while plain flannel shirts convey a more formal one. As a result, the appearance you’re going for should guide your decision on which to wear. 

If you decide to wear a check flannel, make sure your ensemble is balanced. Because the print is so strong, it’s advisable to keep the rest of your look neutral and straightforward.


How should a Flannel Fit?

A well-fitted flannel can look rugged and refined, depending on how you style it. When shopping for one, choose a trim fit but not tight or restricting. Wearing your shirt too tight can limit mobility and cut off blood flow in areas like your arms and shoulders. 

If you’re unsure what fit is best, go with a regular or traditional fit when choosing men’s flannels. These sizes will ensure you have plenty of room in all of your favorite pockets without sacrificing any flexibility. 

As far as styles are concerned, there are three main fits: boxy (short sleeves and no taper), relaxed (three-quarter length sleeves and relaxed hips) and slim (no taper at torso or waistline). 


Casual Style 

Flannel shirts are typically worn casually, so it’s vital to correct the fit. It doesn’t matter if you’re dressed casually or don’t know what to wear with it. You’ll seem sloppy if you wear a plaid shirt and sweatpants, for example.

So, if you want a look that’s both comfortable and stylish, wear jeans. A grunge look may be achieved with any jeans color, although black is a popular choice. Lace-up boots and sneakers are the best options for footwear. 

When the weather grows warmer, you can wrap your shirt around your waist by layering a flannel over a T-shirt. The sleeves can be rolled back, or a short-sleeved shirt will do.


Smart Casual 

A smart-casual ensemble doesn’t have to be boring, so don’t rule out the flannel shirt as a piece of clothing to wear. A sophisticated appearance can be achieved with this design. 

Choosing the proper flannel and styling it in a classy manner is all you need to do. To begin, stay away from garish hues and go for a more muted palette. Also, make sure your flannel is not too baggy and has a proper fit. 

Wear it with a belt and dark denim jeans or chinos to complete the look. Wool coats and suede bomber jackets can also be fashionable additions. Shoes shouldn’t be too casual or too dressy. Suede Derby shoes and loafers work well together.

White Flannel 

White Flannel 

The classic, bright white flannel shirt is still quite fashionable in men’s fashion. The style is going nowhere anytime soon, so embrace it as much as you can. Wear it with dark jeans and colorful loafers for an urban look that easily transitions from work meetings to happy hour with friends. 

It can lighten your look and even give the cloth the appearance of being lighter in weight, making it ideal for year-round wear. Styles with a white base color and basic checks in colors like gray or blue will work best for this look. 

The shirt’s neutral tone allows it to be paired with a wide range of outfits. That’s part of being stylish—standing out without sacrificing personality or individuality.


Black Flannel 

black Flannel 

Black flannel shirts, like red ones, can have an edgy and grunge vibe. Particularly for versions with extensive and bold checks, this is the case. As a result, these shirts are ideal for gentlemen who desire a more rugged image.

Wearing a black flannel with black pants and sneakers is a good idea if this describes you. Nevertheless, if you prefer a more refined look, opt for one with no print and a pair of dark blue denim.  





How to Wear a Flannel for Men

The most important part is yet to come, the styling portion! However we believe it was important to list the most critical flannels to have as a part of your rotation.

With this now out of the way were going to provide you with tips on How to Wear Flannel for Men but this can also apply to women as the garment is unisex.

Our styling advice covers everything from styling it with a hoody, leather jacket to rocking it with shorts. Feel free to bookmark this page so you can use it as a reference point when styling flannel in future.



Green Flannel 

Green Flannel 

Green flannel shirts are versatile and may be worn in various ways. The country/lumberjack aesthetic is one such style that they’re commonly linked to. This color of flannel is best suited for men with full beards.

Of course, you don’t have to go around with an ax and act like a freak. You’ll also need a pair of blue jeans, and brown boots are required. Green tends to have a more subdued feel. Pale skin tones and cool complexions look best in this flannel color when it comes to color.


Gray Flannel 

How to Wear a Flannel for Men in multiple styles

A gray flannel shirt can be an incredibly stylish alternative. It’s especially appropriate for more formal settings, such as business lunches or after-work beverages.

You can spice up your shirt with a single color or a faint check if you choose. Using a large check or other outlandish design elements will make you appear less formal and less appropriate for intelligent casual settings. Add chinos and brogues to round out your look.


Over Hoody Flannel

How to Wear a Flannel for Men in many styles

Over hoodies are key when pairing your flannel with casual wear like t-shirts, hats and jeans, but if you want to dress it up, try wearing them under blazers or button-downs for work. 

If you pair it with sweats and sneakers on top, choose something smaller such as an overshirt instead of a loose-fitting hoodie to avoid looking sloppy. 


Leather Jacket with Flannel 

How to Wear a Flannel for Men that stands out

Wearing a flannel with a leather jacket looks quite remarkable. In summer you can wear it to outside events and at night when you go out clubbing, or simply in your own house during a party. It’s way cooler than wearing only flannel, and its casual look is perfect when you don’t want to look too posh but still have a good time.  

Don’t pair those with anything formal like slacks or chinos as they will make you look like an accountant, but if you add to that black jeans, they fit perfectly. You can also get away with white sneakers as long as they are worn out a bit; otherwise, it will be hard to match your outfit perfectly. 

Flannel with Shorts 

How to Wear a Flannel for Men today

Wearing a flannel shirt with shorts is entirely appropriate because flannels are typically used in more relaxed circumstances. There are specific considerations to make, though, before settling on this casual pairing.

It should only be worn in hot weather, as the combo would appear out of place in the winter. Avoid oversized flannel shirts that droop loosely on your frame; a well-fitting shirt is best. 

We suggest testing this combination on a plain flannel first as an added precaution. As long as you’re confident in your ability to pull off plaid shorts, a decent Flannel is your safest bet.

When it comes to shorts, go with an essential pair that also fits nicely. Don’t wear baggy shorts and an enormous flannel together because it looks messy. Finish off your ensemble with a clean-looking belt and a pair of fashionable shoes for a polished look (ahem, Sperrys are our favorites).


Flannel is one of those pieces that every guy should have. It’s versatile, comfortable and can be dressed up or down easily with any combination of clothes in your closet. The trick here is knowing how to wear it – and making sure it fits you correctly. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How do men wear baggy flannel?

 There are different ways by which you can carry off wearing a baggy flannel shirt. One such way is by wearing it with fitted pants and black boots, especially on dates or other occasions where you want to make an impression. You can also pair it with jeans, provided that they are not too tight as that would defeat your intention of wearing something comfy.


Is flannel Still in Style 2022?

Flannel is in style, and they are here to stay. Schoolboys or older adults mostly wore traditional flannels, but as times changed, many young men with oversized flannels are what we see these days. These big shirts come in different shades and designs like plaid and stripes. They give your outfit an urban vintage look. You can pair it with pants that come up to your ankles or slightly above it; people love these flannels because of their soft fabric feel and warmth factor.


Is it right to wear an undershirt with a flannel?

Undershirts and flannels are complementary items. If you wear an undershirt under your flannel, you will feel comfortable throughout the day. You do not have to worry about sweat or odor bothering you anymore because they absorb moisture and keep odors away from your body.


Now that we have covered how to wear a flannel shirt for men, take this information and apply it to your daily lives.


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