How to Store Ties (Top Solutions)

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Storing ties correctly is fundamentally the most important element when it comes to preserving its lifeline which is why we’re going to show you how to store ties the right way. This will include the rolling method, Tie Rack and Tie Self Storage Unit.

Correct tie maintenance is the answer to preserving a ties quality for years. Our editorial will also show you how to remove creases and stains from your tie. The Tie is one of the main staple accessories at a man’s disposal which should be looked after with care, lets show you how.


Here’s How to Store Ties Properly

Invest in a Tie Rack (Solution 1)

tie rack

Tie racks are a great option for walk in closets or custom cabinetry and work similar too standard clothes hangers by placing the garment onto the hook.

We have listed several benefits when it comes to purchasing a Tie Rack

  • Easy to use: A high quality tie rack allows you to organise your ties and keep them in order. For example, you could have formal ties on 1 side and casual ties on another side.
  • Easy to Fit: Most tie racks are easy to fit in your home. Some are as simple as hanging up while some require easy installation.
  • High Quality: High quality tie racks will allow you to purchase this product once without the need of doing so again. This investment will last for years
  • Space efficient: A Tie Rack doesn’t require much space therefore making it efficient and giving you space to place other items within the same vicinity.


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Invest in a Tie Storage Organizer (Solution 2)

tie organiser

The tie storage organiser works similar in principle to a watch box. Your storage organiser will consist of the best ties within your collection which are easy to find at any given time. Ties must be neatly rolled and placed into a compartment.

In addition to this these Tie Storage organisers are multifunctional as it allows you to place other accessories in each compartment such as socks. The storage organisers can also be placed in a drawer, closet or on top of tables.


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Roll your Ties (Solution 3)

The rolling method is another great alternative when thinking about how to store ties correctly. The method is pretty much self-explanatory, lay the tie completely flat on a surface with no knots or creases. Take the end side and begin to roll it until the end.

After you have completed this method you have the option to place it in a tie storage organiser as advised in solution 2 or store it safely in your wardrobe free from other objects to avoid creases etc.



Things to Remember

Remove Your Tie Properly

To ensure you get the most value from your tie proper care and treatment must be applied and this starts with your daily habits. Straightening knots immediately after removing your tie and then hanging or laying them flat correctly will ensure you avoid creases and maintain its quality. 


Remove Creases

To demonstrate how to remove creases we have produced a video tutorial for you to follow – How to Iron a Tie.

All you need is an iron, iron board and cotton cloth for silk ties to protect from heat damage.


Remove Tie Stains

Removing tie stains poses challenges for most people which results in the purchasing of a new tie. Instead of spending your money on a new one we have covered the different methods which should be applied to cleaning your tie (Fabric dependent)

Polyester: Easily wash it at home as there is no dry cleaning required. Also, use low temperature to dry it.

Knit: Mop the stain with a clean handkerchief soaked in soap water. Don’t use chemicals as they can easily fade away.

Cotton: Cotton is the easiest fabric to maintain and clean as it can endure high temperatures. (Washing Machine Safe)


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