How to shave your balls

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Hmm, let’s try to guess why you’re here. Got a hot date? How about a romantic night planned with your partner? Well, of course, you can’t approach the situation with a bush because women are expecting us to manscape these days. That includes everything from the pubic area to the balls, and even to the taint, if that’s what you’re into. Getting this done means you have to know how to shave your balls. 

Shaving your balls is really an art form since this area isn’t like other parts of the body like the legs or chest. It has a ton of grooves and the skin there is super thin in comparison. One wrong move and well, you get the picture. 

This is a guide on how to shave your balls the right way. The purpose: to avoid giving yourself any nicks and possibly scarring your balls for life. They’re ugly little suckers and a nasty scar won’t give it the type of character women love. You’ll realize that nice and easy really does it, and when you’re done, you’ll wonder why you haven’t tried this out ages ago. 

The first part of learning how to shave your balls is gathering the right tools for the job. You’ll also need to understand the benefits of shaving your balls. Let’s get started:




Shaving your balls isn’t something you can just rush into. You’ve got to get your head in the game, or better yet, keep it out, since your razor shouldn’t be anywhere near there! Get your mind right for this task since it is a delicate area, and prepare your tools. 


Get the Right Tools

Your tools can make or break how well this goes. To get the cleanest shave possible, you will need:

shave your balls

Hand mirror– This is optional, but it can come in pretty handy. It helps you to see what you’re going down there and can help you get any spots you may miss. 

Comb– If you have coarse hair, you can use it to detangle the hair before you trim it to prevent snags. 

Razor– Whether you use a disposable razor or an electric razor is entirely up to you. If you go with a disposable razor, go for the best quality. The best tip you’ll hear anywhere is that the fewer blades, the better. Cheap disposable razors can get the job done, but they’re often poorly made and put you at greater risk of nicks and ingrown hairs. They also get dull and clogged pretty easily and aren’t the bargain you think they are. 

Electric razors remove hair without breaking the skin. That’s a big plus if you know you aren’t the most careful when it comes to shaving. You’ll also have the electric razor to use long after this shave. Just make sure you sanitize it between uses.

Hair scissors/clippers– If you’re extra bushy down there, you’ll need a small pair of scissors to do a bit of trimming. This comes in extra handy before shaving because it helps you to get a cleaner shave. It also prevents the razor from getting caught in your bush! 

Shaving cream (or butter)– Using shaving cream helps you to get a smoother shave, and it also helps to prevent nicks and cuts. You can use the same shaving cream you use on your face to get the job done.

If you prefer a more natural product, you can use aloe vera. You can also use coconut oil, baby oil, or even conditioner. Coincidentally, strippers use these a lot to make their skin extra smooth and shiny for performances. Just don’t make this your first choice since those are comedogenic products (i.e they clog your pores). Shaving creams are specially formulated for this purpose and these alternatives are for occasions when you run out. 

Aftershave- Aftershave down there? Yup. The purpose of aftershave is to prevent ingrown hairs, soothe razor burns, and reduce inflammation, usually on your face. All of that can happen down there, and this is more of a cosmetic step to make sure it stays smooth in the following days. 

Exfoliator– This is where we lose most guys which is really sad because men should be exfoliating too. Simply put, exfoliating is removing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. We can do this using physical exfoliators, which feel sort of like the skin is being scrubbed by tiny granules or chemical exfoliators which cause the skin to peel. 

The purpose is not only to remove dead skin cells, but also to unclog pores, brighten and soften the skin, and you guessed right, it has something to do with shaving. Exfoliating before shaving will help you to get a smoother shave and it will reduce your chances of getting ingrown hairs. 

If you have a girlfriend, wife, or sister, you can probably borrow some of her exfoliator. They all pretty much do the same job and she’ll most likely have the good stuff. You can get one anywhere that sells beauty supplies, lotions, soaps, and so forth. 

Warm water– The best time to shave is after a hot shower when all your skin is clean and soft. This will guarantee the closest shave and will loosen up your balls, making them more flexible and relaxed. 

Wet wipes– Alcohol-based wet wipes come in pretty handy for cleaning up the area, disinfecting your blades, and prepping the skin for shaving.



Why should you shave your balls?

Shaving your balls is ultimately a personal choice. Some men like doing it, others don’t. Here are some of the best arguments for shaving your balls:


  • It makes your dick look bigger- This is probably every guy’s #1 reason for shaving their balls. Your bush hides just how long your member is, and heck, it might even be distorting your width.
  • They become more sensitive- Hair sort of desensitizes the balls in a way. With that gone, skin-to-skin contact will have a whole different meaning.
  • It just looks better- Hairless is the new trend, and it’s not just for women. They’re getting Brazilians and we’re taking it all off. Smooth balls will take your nudes to another level.
  • Hygienic purposes- These days, body hair is considered unhygienic, and there’s a reason for that. The more hair down there is the more they will sweat, especially in the summer months. With the hair gone, they can finally breathe, and that weird ball odor can be fixed with some deodorant, body powder, and a teensy spray of your favorite cologne. 


How to shave your balls- Step-by-step

How to shave your balls

Now that that’s out of the way, it’s finally time to dissect how to shave your balls. This will require all of your attention, so be prepared to set aside a few minutes to complete this task. 



Lightly Trim the area 


The first thing you’ll need to do is lightly trim the area with your clippers or scissors. Detangle the hairs with your comb, then get into a comfortable position that allows you to stretch your pubic skin. 

One method is to sit down and spread your legs if you don’t feel too awkward doing that. Spread ’em wide, and use the hand mirror to scope the area out. Try to prop it up in a way that will allow you to see what you’re doing while you trim. If you can’t, work in sections and check constantly. 

Another method is to stand up and prop your leg up on your bathtub or toilet. Most guys feel more comfortable using this method. Again, use the mirror to scope the area out.

When trimming, you’ll want to hold the scissors or clippers in your dominant hand and use the opposite hand to stretch your skin. Get as low as you can, just don’t be clumsy and cut your skin. 

Once you’re through trimming, use the comb to get rid of excess hairs. 


Soak in warm water 


Where possible, always include warm water in shaving. You can do this by taking a hot shower or by using a hot towel or steamer to open up your pores. If not, you will have to substitute it for wet wipes. You must cleanse the area before shaving somehow.

This is also where you should exfoliate. Exfoliation is most effective after using warm water and you should also use warm water to rinse. Cold water will cause the pores to shrink. Once clean, proceed to the next step.


Apply shaving cream and shave in the direction of hair growth


A new razor from a package is already sterile. If your razor has already been used, you will need to sterilize it before using it. You should also ensure your hands are sterile.

Proceed to apply your shaving cream, or alternative to the area and work in sections. Shave your hair in the direction of growth. You might be tempted to shave against the growth, but this increases your chances of developing ingrown hairs. 

Since your balls aren’t like your face and have grooves and contours, you’ll find yourself having to shave at awkward angles. Try to make yourself as comfortable as possible and stretch the skin as you shave to prevent nicks and cuts. 

You’ll have to reposition your penis as you shave, but remember to take your time. Rushing through this will only hurt you. Don’t forget to rinse the razor off after every few strokes to prevent it from clogging.


Apply Skin-friendly aftershave or oil


Once you’re satisfied with your work, go ahead and rinse the area with cold water. Pat the area dry. Rubbing will only cause irritation. Apply your skin-friendly aftershave or oil to the area. You can also use skin balms in the days following to prevent ingrowns. If you have any issues with sweating, use a small amount of body powder to limit moisture in the area. 



Common problems that could occur 


  • Redness and irritation- This usually happens to persons with sensitive skin, or after an aggressive shaving session. Usually, redness and irritation go away on their own within the space of a week. During this time you should be wearing loose-fitting clothing and avoid using harsh soaps. Some people cannot avoid irritation because of how sensitive their skin is. If this is you, maybe you just shouldn’t shave as often. You may also try using a different aloe vera when shaving since it is nature’s anti-inflammatory gel. 


  • Itching- Almost everyone experiences itching after shaving. This happens because the hair is growing back. Never scratch the area. Instead, pat it, or try an over-the-counter solution like hydrocortisone cream. 


  • Ingrown hairs- This happens primarily to people with curly or coarse hair, usually due to the hair removal method used. It appears as raised bumps caused by hair curling under the skin instead of growing out. You can get rid of them by using a hot compress or taking a hot shower then using a tweezer to guide the hair out. You can also use skin balms which soften the area and release the hairs. 


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