How to Pronounce Adidas!

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Wanting to know how to pronounce Adidas correctly? Well look no further

Adidas is in fact pronounced “AH-Dee-Dahs”

The main difference in pronunciation when it comes to Adidas is the emphasis on the first & last syllable. North American consumers are pronouncing the brand as “Ah-Dee-Dus” which is incorrect, Switch the “Dus” for “Das”.

Culturally many debates have taken place over the correct pronunciation of the German Brand, our video above aims to settle this with an audible pronunciation of the brand and its use in music. Our video aims to put a stop to the confusion around the pronunciation. 

In Music Culture 

The mention of Adidas in music is one of the main reason’s consumers are asking how to pronounce adidas.

American Rap Group RUN DMC took the brand to new heights with the song My Adidas back in 1986 which led to the first partnership deal between a rap group and Sports Corporation.

Within the song the members go on to pronounce the brand name in their American dialect “My Ah-Dee-Dus”, & examples such as these are the reasons for the confusion around the term.

British artists such as Stormzy pronunciation of the brand is “AH-Dee-Dahs” which represents how its articulated throughout the UK, Germany and Europe.

Adidas is a German brand and most Europeans are going to pronounce it correctly. Interestingly enough the name comes from the company’s founder Adolf Dassler whose nickname was Adi. The combination of his nickname and shorten surname would go on to create the brand name.

Now you know how to pronounce Adidas this should put a stop to any confusion around its articulation. Other cultural debates such as how to pronounce Nike are also prominent amongst consumers worldwide, which we have also cleared up for you.

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