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Though ironing your tie may not be as common as ironing shirts or trousers it is mandatory that we keep them crease free allowing you to have a presentable look. Our editorial will cover how to iron a tie with a video tutorial on how to safely do so and different methods to prevent them from creasing.

Although ties come in multiple different fabrics it should be worth noting that they will mostly require low heat during the ironing process. Not only is this suitable enough to remove creases but allows for a quick transition from creased to flat.


Video Tutorial

To demonstrate how to iron a tie we have features a video tutorial for you to follow. All you need is an iron, iron board and cotton cloth for silk ties to protect from heat damage.


Prevent Creases

Preventing creases from occurring will not only free you from having to iron your tie on a regular basis but will also increase its quality duration. This can be achieved through daily habits such as straightening knots immediately after removing your tie and then hanging them correctly.

We recommend investing in a tie rack which will ultimately reduce the creases, keep them organised and prevent you from having to iron constantly.

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How to Iron a Tie Instructions

To further elaborate on our video, we have guided instructions for you to follow and tips to ensure their longevity.

Set up your ironing board – As with all ironing your going to need a board placed on a steady surface to prevent any unstable movements. Ensure your board is clean & dry!

Pre-set your temperature – Turn the iron on to a low temperature and test this by ironing the board which will indicate if its ready for use or if it’s too hot.

Check Tie Tags for Fabric Information – Before ironing flip the tie around to identify if the brand or retailer has given instructions for you to follow

As a rule of Thumb Cotton and Linen Ties can use Hot temperature, Wool Ties can use medium temperature and silk ties can use low temperature.

Place Down and Iron – Once the correct temperature has been put in place now it’s time to iron. Ensure that you check the progress often and continuously flip on each side until ready.

(Remember) Ties are usually delicate which requires them to be treated with care. We will need to use a cloth to protect the tie fabric from directly encountering the iron. Ensure the cloth completely covers the entire tie and gently apply pressure working your way up and down.

Hang & Store Tie – Immediately after ironing your tie ensure that it is hanged up and stored safely. This practice will prevent creases from occurring while maintaining its quality. – Recommended Tie Rack 

Have a Rotation – Ultimately the reason we advise having a rotation of ties is to reduce wear and tear as each is being used every so often which maintains quality. We advise buying multiple ties in different fabric and colours.


Removing Tie Stains (Related Article)

Having a crease free tie is just as important as a stain free tie and our editorial details the different methods used to clean stains based on different fabrics.

To ensure you extract the most value from your tie proper care and treatment must be applied. This care doesn’t only come in the form of ironing but will also mean cleaning which our article covers.

For more information around Ties check out our How to Get Rid of Tie Stains editorial which details the different methods used to clean stains based on different fabrics.



How do you iron a tie without an iron?

If an iron is not present we recommend you place the tie near steam to relax wrinkles. This can be achieved by placing the tie in the bathroom as you take a shower and once done laying the tie flat and placing books or any other flat surfaces to help straighten it out.


How do you clean a tie?

Cleaning a tie will be dependent on the fabric, for instance Knitted ties require spot treatment to do the job. Mop the stain with a clean handkerchief soaked in soap water while silk ties can use rubbing alcohol to remove any stains. If you want to know How to Get Rid of Tie Stains check out our article.


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