How to Clean White Vans

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While it may be a trend to rock dirty vans for those of you who googled “ how to clean white vans” clearly have the intentions of ensuring they stay fresh and were here to help with that.

While white sneakers are a favourite for most people, they also show signs of dirt, mud, and discolouration the easiest which is why it’s essential you know how to clean white vans.

There are many different cleaning methods from applying bleach directly to the stain or the use of products in your home such as laundry detergent & water.

For us to successfully show you how to clean white vans we have included the many ways in which you can do so from

  • Laundry Detergent Stain Remover (Video Tutorial)
  • Washing Machine
  • Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda (Video Tutorial)
  • Bleach or Dishwashing Soap (Video Tutorial)


Laundry Detergent Stain Remover (Video Tutorial)

For those of you who want to get the job done fast then this is for you. Without the need of purchasing any fancy sneaker cleaning product all you will need is a Magic Eraser, laundry detergent stain remover and cloth.

Step 1 – Remove laces from Vans if their canvas sneakers

Step 2 – Get your Magic Eraser, run under water and gently scrub the sole of your white vans

Step 3 – Spray your laundry detergent stain remover on the canvas (front and side) and then gently scrub with your magic eraser.

Step 4 – Once done use a damp water cloth & wipe down

Step 5 – Insert Tissue into shoe allowing canvas to dry faster



Washing Machine

The use of your home washing machine by far is the easiest way to cleaning your white vans & while the majority of people throw vans into the wash without a 2nd thought were here to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes as the masses.

Step 1 – First things first, before you even think about placing your vans into the washing machine ensure that all mud has been removed. (Also remove laces)

Step 2 – Spray your vans with bleach (This can be regular bathroom bleach) The chemicals in the bleach will start the dirt removal process before entering the machine.

Step 3 – Place your vans in a white pillowcase or a see-through mesh laundry bag for extra protection and to reduce noise while washing.

Step 4 – Set your wash machine on to standard cold, specifically for whites with no spin as we will let them air dry.

Step 5 – Take them out and let air dry



Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda

The combination of Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda has been a favourite amongst most people due to its cleaning abilities. Hydrogen Peroxide is a bleach disinfectant while baking soda acts as a natural deodorizer which we are going to show you how to clean for your desired results.

Step 1- Get a bowl in which you will use to mix your solutions (Baking Soda & Hydrogen Peroxide)

Step 2 – Add one tablespoon of baking soda + tablespoon of water + tablespoon of Hydrogen Peroxide and mix all together.

Step 3 – This in turn will create a light paste solution which you will apply to a toothbrush

Step 4 – Gently scrub the shoe with the toothbrush continuously dipping the brush back and forth into the solution. As a rule of thumb ensure you brush each shoe twice.

Step 5 – Take the shoes out to dry for about 4 or 5 hours

Step 6 – Once the vans are fully dry brush the remaining baking soda off

Step 7 – Use a lightly damp wet cloth or wipe and gently wipe the canvas a sole

Remember that the baking soda is used to fight the stubborn stains and the peroxide acts as bleaching agent so your guarantee to see results. As this process involves a 4 – 5-hour dry time we recommend you do it on a day you’re not busy.



Bleach & Dishwashing Soap

The process of using bleach & dishwashing soap is similar to the Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda process in that solutions will need to be mixed. The subtle difference between the 2 is that in this method we need to ensure that you do not mix bleach with dishwashing soap that contains chlorine and ammonia.

Step 1 – Get a bowl in which you will use to mix your solutions (Bleach & Dishwashing Soap)

Step 2 – Pour an appropriate amount of bleach into the bowl + add dishwashing soup + add water and mix.

Step 3 – Dip your cloth into the solution and begin to gently scrub your canvas and soles (Remove laces)

Step 4 – After scrubbing then use another cloth, dip in clean water, and gently wipe your vans down.

Step 5 – Leave to Air Dry once done

Another main difference with this method is that it allows you to control how clean and white your vans become based on the duration of scrubbing.

Remember to protect the area your using by placing old rugs or newspaper under your vans and solutions as bleach has the ability to stain carpets and the area your using which we want to avoid.



What about Leather Vans?

We recommend purchasing a leather protector spray to preserve and maintain its quality and condition. This won’t only clean your vans but give it a brand-new look.

Specific tailor-made leather sprays are better than creating your own HOME DIY solutions when it comes to leather.

In addition to this most protector sprays on the market can also be used on different fabrics such as nubuck and suede.

Here are some leather repellent sprays for you to invest in.


Lacing Vans

After cleaning your vans the natural order of things is to lace them up correctly which is why we have created an editorial around how to do so. There are many ways how to lace vans, some simple while others being more complex to make a statement.

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