How Long Does a Tan Last?

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Pale legs can be a nightmare for some, and a good tan can do just the magic for you. Our skin reacts with the sun rays in different ways, and skin tan is one desirable outcome of laying outside in the afternoons. This might lead you to think— how long does a tan last?

Summers remind us of the endless enjoyment at the beaches, experiencing the freshness of serene pools. It rejuvenates the mood and takes off all the burden from our shoulders. This time of the year is the biggest stress-buster for all but wait- what about the attractive golden glow from sun tanning?

Lets take a deep dive into how tanning affects your body and quick ways that can make it last long!


How long does a tan last?

Knowing how long does a tan last, you need to be aware of the type of tan. Along with this, it majorly depends on your skin type and its regenerative processes. Generally, a tan’s lifespan remains to be of about a week or, in the best cases, for around 10 days.

Since every individual is different, some start to lose their tan within a week, while others retain it for even more than two weeks. The speed of shedding of the skin cells will ultimately determine how long does a tan last.

Your skin goes through an entire cycle where it sheds the outer layer every 28 days. By implementing some valuable and creative ways, you can even make your tan last longer.


How does your skin get tanned?

The sun’s rays consist of two ultraviolet radiations which directly reach your skin: UVA and UVB. The latter burns the upper layer – the epidermis of your skin, whereas UVA radiation is what makes people tan.

Basically, a tan occurs when sunlight hits your skin and forms a brown pigment known as melanin. UVA rays penetrate into your lower layers of skin and trigger melanocytes cells which eventually produce melanin. Darker-skinned people are found to tan more than lighter-skinned people since their melanocytes produce huge melanin. 

With this additional layer of melanin, your skin remains protected against the harmful damage of UV rays caused by the sun. There are no medical benefits associated with a tan, but people highly consider it to be a sign of immense beauty and relaxation.

Though you are heading towards increasing your tan, it’s essential for you to know that tanning can still cause certain skin cancers and other problems.


How Long Does a Fake Tan Last?

Spray tans are the most protective way of experiencing a healthy glow while staying away from harmful UV rays. A beautiful tan begins with healthy skin, which makes you feel relaxed and comfortable all the time.

The lifespan of your fake tan depends on numerous factors. This primarily includes your skin health, complexion as well as your pre-and-post spray tan care.

In general, these fake tans with improved and efficient care can last up to 10 days. A spray tan of lighter skin tones would last for around 5 days, the medium ones would last for approximately 7-8 days, and darker shades would last for 10 days.

But If you are looking for your fake tan to last much longer, the best way is to opt for a self-tanning mousse. These are intensely moisturising, along with offering an attractive looking golden glow.


How to make a tan last longer?

People are always wondering about how long does a tan last, but the good part is that you can make it last longer. Yes, you heard it right! You surely can increase the duration of your skin and experience its golden glow for a very long time.


Keep your skin moisturised

The application of plenty of smooth creams keeps your skin protected and moisturised during the entire tanning process. Whenever you decide to go out in the sun, ensure that your body remains moisturised all the time.

The more moisturised your body remains, the better it will tan without damaging your skin with the dangerous UV rays. Don’t miss out on the dry parts of your skin, especially your elbows, knees or areas where you intend to pay less attention.

 Keeping it dry increases the risk of your skin getting various harmful medical problems. Also, include sunscreens in your daily refreshing skin routine. Applying sunscreens doesn’t stop you from being tanned; instead, it protects your skin from sunburn and its damaging causes.

Since you are on a beach and the sunlight is constantly penetrating through your skin cells, you need to ensure that your sunscreen remains effective against such situations. For this, you need to apply sunscreens every 60 minutes so that its effects remain prominent and useful.

Avoid exfoliation as much as possible

Exfoliation is the process of removal of dead skin cells along with excessive sebum from your skin. This is done through granular scrubs mixed with certain natural products like walnuts, almonds and even coffee.

Professional exfoliating treatments majorly include microdermabrasion and body polishing. Though your skin automatically gets rid of dead skin cells every 30 days by its shedding processes, exfoliating acts as supportive assistance.

Exfoliation includes various benefits, which include brightening up your skin, allowing it to breathe and keeping signs of ageing at bay. All this results in improved penetration of skincare products into your body cells leading to proper nourishment.

This layer of dead cells acts as a protective shield of your skin. When this entire layer gets removed, your skin becomes exposed and going out in the sunlight with such exposure is highly damaging. Based on your exfoliation treatment, you can step foot in the daylight.

This is why you need to be extra careful while exfoliating since it plays a significant role in your complete tanning process. The best way is to avoid exfoliation when you are all set to be tanned.


Use High-Quality Self-Tanning Products

High-quality self-tanning products are an efficient way to experience the attractive brownish-golden look on your skin. Some of these are:


●     Bronzé Supérieur Self-Tan Booster

Adding just a few drops of this effective tanning elixir either to your face or even to our moisturiser can result in a beautiful sun kissed effect on your skin.

●     Self Tanner, L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Tinted Self-Tanning Lotion Deep Natural Tan 5 fl. oz

This intensely glowing self-tanner with a fine shimmer finish, in the end, would surely beautify your deepest skin tones.

●     Self-Tanning Instant Gel

This unique tanning gel specialises in rapid absorption, which leaves you without any worry of tale-orange streaks on your body. This instant gel results in just about 2 hours, isn’t it amazing?

●     Foaming Tan Water

Vita Liberata’s Invisi tanning formula is an absolutely perfect self-tanner with no fuss at all. This foaming tan water is non-transferable, so there’s no tension involved once you have applied this. The best part is that with this helpful tanning solution, your tan lasts for about a week.

Through the application of these high-quality self-tanning products, you would surely receive the answer to how long does your tan last.

●  Use Gentle Body Wash

Let’s face it- washing or rubbing off your tan is sure to fade it away in just no time. Using a gentle body wash helps in retaining the shade for a long time without any hassle. Now you can have your beautiful tan in a hygienic and safe way.



Skin tan can be your go-to way to look gorgeous and rock that summer vibe. Keeping these essentials in mind, you can carry your tan for days without letting it fade away. Next time, whenever you forget how long does a tan last, you know where to land.

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