What makes you a Hip Hop Head?

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A Hip Hop Head is simply a person who is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about Hip Hop Culture.

The core foundations of Hip Hop are made up of 4 element which are, rapping, deejaying, break dancing and graffiti.

With that in mind its possible to have great expertise in one area and lack in another. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not a hip hop head, that just means there’s an opportunity to learn more about the culture.


Video Breakdown

To provide even more context to the discussion we have created a video on the topic which should go into more detail whilst also testing your knowledge.


So, what makes you a Hip Hop Head?

Passion is what makes you a Hip Hop head. Passion is nothing more than curiosity, interest, and willingness to learnt met at the same time which results in

  • Researching old rap music
  • Understanding the samples used in contemporary music
  • Watching documentaries on the culture
  • Sharing your knowledge with others



Changing the idea of the Hip Hop Enthusiast

Now that we understand the terminology and what it signifies how will this ideology evolve as Hip Hop ages?

Prior to today’s contemporary music we would bet the house that anyone using the term would be making reference to the 90s golden era, vinyl’s, actual rhyming skills or knowledge of the genre’s inception.

Whether you’d like to admit or not we have new kids on the block creating a sonically different sound than what the forefathers laid down.

It appears that harmony rap has taken over with the success of Lil Durk, Thug, Drake, Gunna and Lil Baby.

So, a kid born in the 2000s may refer to themselves as a Hip Hop head by knowing their music and we can’t fault them.


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