10 Best Hats to wear with Suits

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The suit is the most formal piece of garment created for men and is usually paired with specific hats in order to compliment the entire look. Therefore our editorial focuses on the different Hats to wear with Suits as the current marketplace is inundated with options to choose from.

It’s essential to choose the right hat so that you don’t detract from its overall professionalism. Besides, it makes your outfit even sharper than before.

Here are the ten best Hats to Wear with Suits



The Trilby is a fedora-style hat with a small brim and is designed for elegance. This design makes it an excellent choice for men who want their hats to match their suits. While you’ll need more than one if you want variety, it can be worn with nearly any color suit—especially those in darker shades of blue, gray, or black. 

It may not blend with every outfit, but there’s a chance you could use it on almost any semi-formal occasion. As long as your necktie isn’t too flashy (or bright), you should be able to get away with wearing this hat just about anywhere. 

While its versatility gives it an edge over some other types of hats, there are still plenty of other attractive options worth considering.


Fedora hat

A Fedora is a narrow-brimmed hat popularized in the 1950s by gangsters and the Rat Pack. These days, the style has evolved into something more fashionable and a refined accessory. Fedora hats are suitable for formal and informal occasions and can even be paired with casual outfits. 

Today’s styles include fur felt, wool felt and straw. The choice of material boils down to your personal preference, but it’s also essential to keep in mind that different materials are suited for different seasons.

Many people believe that Trilby and Fedora are the same, but that’s not entirely true. The difference is that Trilby has a substantial look while fedora looks elegant. 

According to James Dean, it was a must-have for any young man in 1955 as he wore them in many movies such as Rebel Without A Cause or even Giant or just about anything else you can think of back then.


bowler hat

The bowler is a classic hat that dates back to 1850s England. It’s a status symbol and was once considered a must-have among men. They’re not as common today, but they still look great when paired with suits. Pair one with pinstripes for an old-fashioned throwback look. 

Add a fedora or newsboy cap in cooler weather and pair it with jeans and boots for more casual occasions like bars or lounging on your patio during summertime. If you decide to rock a bowler, we recommend choosing one with a suit instead of rocking it alongside denim. 

As for colors, go with darker hues like navy blue or black. If you get a white one—which is very trendy right now—make sure your suit matches! Bowlers look best when worn straight on your head at slightly above eye level; if you tilt them down toward your chin or up toward your forehead, they won’t compliment your face shape as well.

Flat Cap

Flat Cap

Flat caps, also known as beanies or driving caps, are short and soft caps worn by men of all ages in cooler weather. Typically made of a woolen material such as tweed or Donegal, flat caps usually have a wide band around their circumference (also known as a peak). They can be custom-made for both formal and casual use. 

Flat caps first became popular in Britain during World War I, when soldiers took advantage of them for utility purposes; however, they gained worldwide popularity after several decades of exposure on James Bond’s head. 

Nowadays, flat caps are often used alongside business attire to give off an air of sophistication. These kinds automatically make you look like you’re a member of MI6, even though you’re just getting your grocery shopping done at Walmart or Tesco. 

Newsboy Caps

Newsboy Caps

This traditional men’s hat dates back as far as 1860. The crisp look of a newsboy cap is well-suited for more formal events, while its three-quarter length allows you to show off your suit and tie. 

These caps are available in various colors, so you can easily find one that matches your suit and tie (or even your belt!) at most department stores and shops like H&M or Zara.



This hat style is a bit longer than most hats and has a wider brim on one side. The narrow side of the brim should always face up, making it ideal for men who like having both shades available at all times. 

The homburg has a similar brim size as a fedora, but it doesn’t come in as many variations, and its crown is deeper. Like a fedora, it looks best when paired with an overcoat and topcoat but can still be worn without one. 

It’s quite common in America to see men wearing a homburg hat with a business suit. Make sure your clothing fits well; avoid anything baggy or wrinkled if you choose to do so. And be aware that you look more like a businessman than an aristocrat!

Pork Pie Hat

Pork Pie Hat

The pork pie hat is a soft, flat-brimmed felt hat typically with a circular crown and a thin band. The style became popular in America during Prohibition, and it had, at one point, replaced top hats as headwear of choice for people in high society. 

The iconic look makes it perfect for pairing with classic or vintage suits. This hat will pair best with those who have short hair, hair that reaches below your ears but isn’t too long. 

If you decide to use a pork pie hat with your business suit, you can also try adding some counterculture elements into your outfits like cufflinks or necklaces to complete an overall laid-back look. 

You might also want to go with more casual shoes so that you don’t overdress yourself by matching fancy dress shoes with an otherwise laid-back outfit.Some celebrities that made this hat quite popular include the likes of Ben Affleck, Gene Hackman, Clark Gable and John F. Kennedy. 

It was also a popular style choice among many famous musicians, including Bob Dylan and Slash. If you’re looking for a way to pull off classically elegant in your business attire, you can’t go wrong when pairing a pork pie hat with your dress suit!

Top Hat

top hats to wear with suits

You cant talk about Hats to wear with Suits  and not mention the classic Top hat! Coming in different varieties (smaller brimmed versions or larger brimmed, oversize versions) and can easily be paired with any suit. Some celebrities that made this hat quite famous are  John F. Kennedy, Fred Astaire, Jimi Hendrix and many more. It is one of your best bets, as it has been around since 1850! In recent years David Beckham was seen with the Top Hat at the duke and duchess of sussex wedding back in 2018. 

You’ll be hard-pressed to find one person who doesn’t recognize a top hat when they see one. 


hats to wear with suits for men

The Panama hat dates back to mid 18th century Peru. Manuel Espinosa supposedly invented it after losing his straw hat overboard on his voyage home from trading expeditions. He brought a new type of weaving back to Panamá (hence where he got his name) and used them to make hats similar in design to his lost one. 

These hats became so popular that they were exported from Panamá worldwide. It has since become a popular fashion item among celebrities and business people. 

As such, it’s a great addition to any man’s wardrobe—especially for those who prefer high-quality wool suits and a rugged look.

The Boater

the best hats to wear with suits

There are so many versions of flat-brimmed hats, but if you’re a classic sort of person, why not opt for a navy blue or black boater? They go exceptionally well with suits in lighter colors. Wear it when you want to look like you just stepped out of an old sailing magazine. It dates back from the early 19th century and is characterized by its long shape, crown and wideband. Men used to protect their necks from sunburns—and their eyes from sunlight—when they were dressed up on hot summer days. These days, though, most people rock these bad boys at yachting races and regattas.


A hat and a suit? Yes. Wearing a hat is an age-old tradition for men—we’ve been doing it since the first white sailor caps were all the rage in the 17th century. 

Today, we have multiple hats to wear with suits and they look great when worn correctly. Remember that to pull off wearing a hat, you must be confident about the pairing, which means knowing how your outfit fits together. 

We believe these hats we have outlined will make a fine pair with your suit; now it’s time to step out into style with them on.

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