Amazing Haircut Designs for Men (Detailed Gallery)

Written By Bakes

Avid writer on Men's Hair, Grooming, and Lifestyle!

From the most intricate designs & patterns to simple & elegant cuts, our gallery showcases the full spectrum of haircut designs for men.

Bookmark this page and show it to your barber on your next visit! You’ll find something here that suits your style. This is only part 1 💈🪒

Haircut Designs for the Modern Man

Heartbeat with Letter

Line Parting with Fade

Heart Design

2 Lines with Burst Fade

Heart Design

V Fade with 2 Lines

Diamond at the Back of Head

Line on the side with 2 Lines at the End

Creative Pattern

Zig Zag Line

Creative Pattern

Sponge Twists with Creative Pattern Lines

Creative Pattern

Creative Pattern on the side

3 Cross Pattern

Cross Pattern on Head

Line on Temple with Fade

4 Lines on the Side

Lines on the Side

Double Cross with Burst Fade

Creative Pattern

Line on the side of Head

Heart with Evil Horns

Zig Zag line

Intricate Design as Signature