Funeral Attire for Men

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Funerals are somber events that call for respect and tranquillity. What you wear to a funeral sends a huge message. You need to plan your funeral outfit to fit with the mood. Black and other darker colors are ideal. Keep away from casual clothes and stick to formal wear. In this article, we shall take a deep dive into funeral attire for men. What can and can’t you wear?


What is the Proper Funeral Attire for Men?

The correct funeral attire for men is an outfit that is both formal and features muted colors like black or grey. Wearing casual and loud colors can send a disrespectful message to the family of the deceased. Additionally, you need to consider the cultures and traditions of the deceased’s family. Other factors also matter – is it a funeral or a wake?


Things to Consider

In this section, we shall take a deeper look at the factors to consider when choosing the proper funeral attire for men.


Culture of the deceased family

Most funerals depicted in the media are Christian-centered. For these funerals, it’s ideal to wear incredibly modest and formal black attire. However, there are other cultures with different funeral traditions. For example, a Chinese or Indian funeral would call for white clothes to symbolize purity.


Is it a funeral or a wake?

There is a difference between a funeral, wake, and viewing. A wake occurs before a funeral, and it is less formal than a funeral. It is a time for people to come together before the actual burial rites. Wear darker colors to show respect for the deceased and their family. For a viewing, the same rules apply.


Weather conditions

Dark colors are ideal for a funeral, but sometimes they can feel a bit stifling. In the summer, you can forgo a traditional suit for a shirt and sweater styling. A dark and rainy day will call for heavier layering, but keep the color of your coat and scarf muted.



What To Wear To A Funeral

There’s no need to panic before a funeral, wondering what to wear. Here is our guide on the ideal funeral attire for men.

1. Traditional 2 Piece Black Suit

funeral attire

You can never go wrong with a suit. For a funeral, choose a traditional 2-piece black suit. This shows respect for the situation while portraying style and elegance. A black suit for men is ideal across different ages, whether young or old. Every man needs a black suit in their wardrobe, even if it’s sad to be prepared for a funeral. Pair your suit with a white or black shirt and black dress shoes. This is the ideal funeral attire for men.


2. Traditional 2 Piece Dark Grey Suit

funeral suit for men

If you don’t have a traditional 2-piece black suit, you can make do with a grey one. Grey is a muted color that can conveniently exude respect and a sense of somberness. It is not a flashy color by any means. Pair your grey 2-piece suit with a grey shirt underneath to solidify your appearance. Don’t forget to complete the look with a dark grey slim tie and black dress shoes.


3. Traditional 2 Piece Dark Navy Suit

Another acceptable color in funeral attire for men is navy blue. Navy blue can speak volumes with its deep rich tones. Pair your navy-blue suit with a white or black shirt to offset the vibrance in your outfit. A muted tie in a solid color such as black or dark grey is better suited over patterned fabric. Pull the look together with black dress shoes. Avoid any casual shoes or the white sneakers that are trending in men’s fashion right now. They don’t work for a funeral setting.


4. Black Jeans and all Black Overcoat

Black Jeans and all Black Overcoat

A younger lad may be excused from wearing a pristine and well-pressed traditional 2-piece suit. In this scenario, it is acceptable to don black jeans and an all-black overcoat. You can wear a black-colored t-shirt under the overcoat in case it decides to peak out. Avoid bold and flashy primary colors like red, blue, and yellow. For shoes, opt-out of white sneakers. You can wear black sneakers, but it’s best to go for darker-colored dress shoes. Loafers can work too.


5. Shirt, Tie, and Sweater

outfit 1

Let’s face it – not everyone has a traditional 2-piece suit neatly waiting in their closet. Some men will have to be more creative while keeping things respectful. For those who don’t have a suit, creating a formal yet somber outfit is ideal. Pick out a shirt, tie, and sweater in muted or dark colors. Stick to black, grey, and navy-blue sweaters. You can pick white, grey, or light blue for your shirt underneath.  Stay away from loud sneakers and stick to more formal dress shoes.


6. High-neck T-shirt and Black Jacket

outfit 1

Another outfit for those without a traditional suit is a combination of a high-necked t-shirt and a simple black jacket. A black jacket can help you pull off the respectful look if you avoid any other catchy colors. Pair the jacket with a high-necked black t-shirt. You can also sport a turtle neck t-shirt. Keep the colors dark and muted. Choose black, navy blue, and dark grey.


7. Pullover with dark-colored slacks or trousers

funeral outfit ideas for men

For a really casual funeral attire, you can consider a pullover sweater paired with dark pants. Some men like to stay away from formal outfits, and this can be acceptable for a funeral. Stick to formal pants like slacks and avoid sneakers. Keep the whole outfit black to make up for the casualness of your outfit.


Accessories for Men’s Funeral Attire

A funeral may be an emotional event, but the average man likes to look presentable at all times. Accessories for a funeral outfit will have to be muted and inconspicuous. Below is a list of acceptable funeral accessories for men.


A hat can be paired quite well with a semi-formal or casual outfit to provide an air of sophistication. Keep the hat colors dark and muted to avoid drawing attention. Stick to blacks, greys, and navy blue. If you can forgo the hat altogether, go for it. Only wear a hat if it won’t stick out like a sore thumb.


Watches will never be a bad idea for complementing your outfit. Watches fit right in with funeral attire for men. You don’t have to forgo a watch to fit in with a funeral’s somber mood.


Gloves are another great accessory for funeral attire. You can wear black leather gloves during a winter or autumn funeral to keep warm. Gloves do not attract attention, and they can blend in with the occasion.


A tie can bring your funeral outfit together neatly. Ties can be added for a touch of formalness. Pair a tie with a white shirt to elevate your outfit. Stick to solid colors but stay away from loud, flashy colors. Patterned ties may not fit in with the mood of the event.


A sunny funeral may call for sun protection. Shade your eyes from the brightness by donning a pair of UV-blocking sunglasses. Sunglasses add an air of style to an otherwise formal outfit. Sunglasses can go well with suits and jackets.


Answering frequently asked questions about funeral attire for men

In this section, we shall answer some frequently asked questions about the proper funeral attire for men. Sometimes we need an answer to a specific question regarding our choice of outfit. The general rule of thumb is to stick to colors like black and to wear only formal clothing. Let’s get started.


What should men wear to a funeral?

The best funeral attire for men is a combination of dark and formal pieces. The ideal outfit for a funeral is a traditional 2-piece black suit. If you don’t have black, you may go for a grey or navy-blue suit. If you don’t have a suit, you can stick to a black jacket or sweater.


What color shirt should a man wear to a funeral?

You can wear a white shirt provided you are wearing a black 2-piece suit on top. You can also wear a white-colored shirt with a grey or navy-blue suit. Other colors for a funeral include black, grey, and navy blue.


What to wear to a funeral if you don’t have a suit?

If you don’t have a suit, you have a few options for acceptable funeral attire. You can wear a black jacket or sweater with a muted-colored shirt underneath. If wearing a sweater, a tie can give the outfit a drop of formalness. Stick to darker colored pants and more formal shoes, for example, black dress shoes.


Can you wear a grey suit to a funeral?

Yes, you can wear a grey suit to a funeral. Some shades of grey are so dark that they can pass for black. These are the best option when going with a grey suit. Avoid patterned fabric, for example, stripes. Keep to matte materials as opposed to shiny fabrics.


Can I wear black jeans to a funeral?

Yes, you can wear black jeans to a funeral, but it depends. If you are younger, black jeans can be overlooked in a funeral setting. As long as you keep your upper clothing items very formal, you can get away with wearing black jeans to a funeral.


Is it disrespectful to wear ripped jeans to a funeral?

Stay away from casual clothing in a funeral setting. Ripped jeans are a big no-no when it comes to a funeral. Even if you have black ripped jeans, just sit them out this time. It’s ideal to wear formal and darker colored pants to a funeral. If you absolutely can’t find any, then wearing black (unripped) jeans may be acceptable.


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