The Best 25 French Crop Haircuts for Men (Detailed Gallery)

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The French crop has remained a staple in men’s grooming undergoing various transformations to suit contemporary styles and our editorial displays this by including

  • A gallery showcasing 25 of the best French crop haircuts for men.
  • Insights into the nuances and variations of this stylish cut.
  • Best practices and maintenance tips for the contemporary & traditional cut.

25 French Crop Haircuts for Men

Textured French Crop with Spray Finish

The spray finish adds definition and hold, enhancing the texture and ensuring the style stays sharp throughout the day

French Crop Haircuts for Men in 2024

2 Block French Crop

The traditional French crop stays the same, whilst this contemporary look sees the use of colour, faded sides with a textured finished, something Phil Foden Hair displays below!

Coloured French Crop Haircuts 

French Crop with Fade

Having a quick glance at this haircut we can instantly see what separates it from the others, the distinctive frontal shaped with scissors for precision.

French Crop with Fade

French Crop Burst Fade

Thick top with a distinctive burst fade on the sides, creating a seamless transition from longer hair to a sharp, clean finish as per usual!

French Crop with Fade

Disconnected French Crop

This particular style combines a textured, cropped top with a distinct contrast to the sides, which are either shaved or cut very short.

25 French Crop Haircuts for Men

Crop Top High Taper

The Best 25 French Crop Haircuts for Men

Jet Black French Crop with Fade

Jet Black French Crop with Fade

Traditional French Crop with Temple Fade

Classic French Crop

Ginger French Crop

The Ginger French Crop adds a vibrant twist to this classic haircut, featuring a warm, reddish hue that adds depth with a traditional finish.

Point Cut French Crop

By using a point-cutting method, the hairdresser has created soft, tapered ends that add movement and volume to the hair below.

Subtle Wavy French Crop

This variation is ideal for individuals with naturally wavy or curly hair that want to communicate an effortless look.

Blunt Cut Fringe

Jet Black Short French Crop

Textured French Crop

Brunette Blunt Cut Fringe

French Crop with Disconnected Beard

Caesar Cut

Medium Fringe French Crop

Blunt Cut Fringe

Long Fringe French Crop

Subtle Side Swept Crop

Drop Fade Textured Crop

Messy French Crop Cut