The Best Ezekiel Elliott Hair Moments

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Within 7 NFL seasons and counting we have witnessed various Ezekiel Elliott Hair styles which have formed a large part of the athlete’s identity.
Some of these hairstyles have included his,

  • Crew Cut
  • Afro Curls + Fade
  • Grown Out
  • 2 Buns
  • Pineapple Topknot
  • Braids and Cornrows

As a result of his hair texture, styles and grooming practices we have seen Ezekiel have brand extension deals to further capitalise on his hair.

Ezekiel Elliott Hair Type

Ezekiel’s hair texture is thick and curly which ranges between Type 3B and Type 3C.

Ezekiel Elliott Hair Type

Taking a closer look we can see his hair type is identifiable by its loose curls that are densely packed together which creates natural volume.

Both 3B and 3C hair have a mixture of looser spirals and springy spirals which is why his hair type ranges between the 2.

Every single Ezekiel Elliott Hair Moment, EVER!

Crew Cut

Nothing screams Rookie baby face Ezekiel more than his short crew cut which marks time and is a classic haircut that’s been favourited by most men.

Ezekiel Elliott Hair in crew cut

Due to his natural hair being curly we see traces of that even on shorter hair by his waves and this is often without the use of a Durag.

Temple fade on the side to create contrast with a shaven beard was the look before he got experimental with his longer hairstyles.

Sure not everyone can be blessed with waves, so if your wanting to achieve this on shorter hair here’s How to Tie a Durag

Afro Curls

The year is 2016, its NFL draft night and the masses is introduced to Ezekiel as an official Dallas Cowboys running back in his afro curls.

afro curls

1st impressions last a lifetime which is why most of us will remember his hairstyle as he joined the team, front and side fade with loose afro curls on top.

The hairstyle would go on to become the foundation for the many other styles that would follow, high tops fades, high top braids and afro buns!

Grown Out

As a result of quarantine we were able to see many NFL athletes grow out their hair, everybody from Ezekiel to George Kittle Hair had a new look.

Ezekiel Elliott Hair in curls

With time his curls became much more apparent as it gained length! Throughout this stage he continued to have his sides shaved maintaining the high-top look.

As a result of his hair growth endorsement deals would follow allowing the athlete to share the products, he uses to maintain his curls and shine.

Can you blame the company executives for signing talent with beautiful locks! We’d of done the same thing!

2 Buns

With length comes the options for many styles and one of his go to looks was the 2 buns in which hair his parted, sectioned and placed in a bun.

2 buns

The space buns are meant to be fun and creative which is why we often see him in this style during photoshoots or more social occasions.

Yes its typically styled by women but were seeing a growing trend amongst men looking to be creative so space buns it is!

Pineapple Top Knot

The pineapple top knot serves 2 purposes, its practical and visually pleasing which is why men with longer hair pick the style.

Pineapple Top Knot

Why? Its practical, hair is removed from face which means less obstruction and visually pleasing since it’s an alternative hairstyle giving you a laid-back look.

We can see his hair is curly and thick on top with shaved sides, creating a contrast that ultimately draws more attention to the overall look.

In addition to this we can see the ends of his hair have brown highlights which would have been done by a professional.

Disclaimer: Applying any sort of chemical to your hair is a very risky job as this can lead to breakage or thinning if not done correctly, therefore we always recommend you use a professional.

Braids and Cornrows

The importance of protective styles is vital, they protect against tugging, pulling and breakage from manipulation and these benefits are highlighted for athletes.

Ezekiel Elliott hair in braids

Since Ezekiel is on the field playing a high contact sport, we see him place his hair in braids, cornrows, and twists to ensure hair preserves itself.

Ezekiel Elliott cornrows

The foundation was set from the time he had an afro fade, his cornrows are in a braided man bun whilst his braids are defined due to the shaved sides.

When he’s not protecting his hair under the helmet with a protective style we see him covering his hair with a headscarf for those same benefits.

Key Take Away: Maintenance

Both curly and coily hair types require maintenance to preserve its health and look. Grooming practice need to be set in place which are simply, ensure that you

  • Oil your scalp.
  • Keep braids in for a maximum of 6 – 8 weeks.
  • Protect hair at night or doing any physical activity.
  • Moisturise your Hair.

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