Eren Yeager Hairstyle (Detailed Look, Video & Gallery)

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What is the Eren Yeager hairstyle?

The Eren Yeager hairstyle is long strands at the top of your head and short bangs with a disconnected undercut. The sides of the hairstyle are also shaved. 

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Eren Yeager’s hairstyle gives him a cute facial appearance. He sometimes wears a cap with this style to cover some of his hair. The Eren Yeager hairstyle is suitable for individuals with long curly or wavy hair. 

Eren’s natural hair is dark brown, which may be why he chose this style. His hair falls on his neck, forehead, and over his ears. This gives him a handsome look that is irresistible to his fans.

The hairstyle might look simple, but the real reason he wears his hair that way is to hide a mark at the back of his neck. The mark appears when he changes into a dangerous and powerful titan known in his world.


Haircut tutorial: How to get the Eren Yeager hairstyle

The Eren Yeager Hairstyle is easy to create, just like any other hairstyle. 

Follow the following steps to achieve the desired look



  1. Grow Out Your Hair 

To attain the Eren Yeager Hairstyle, you need to grow out your hair. You cannot tie up short hair the way Eren Yeager does. You need to attain a reasonable length suitable to form a man bun.

Growing out your hair might take a year or more. That is something you need to know with this hairstyle. But, if you have already attained the desired length, you have already accomplished the first step.

But, this does not have to stop you from getting the hairstyle. If you have uneven hair, you can use bobby pins to keep the falling strands in place. This prevents uneven strands from destroying your look.


  1. Add a reasonable amount of hydrating oil

Hydrating oils can prevent split ends and frizzes before putting your hair in a bun. Keeping the bun as clean as possible should be your priority. It should look as healthy and natural as possible.


  1. Create a messy bun 

Grab all hair and create a messy bun. It should be relaxed. Pull your hair from the front to the left, leaving the bottom hair alone. Tie your hair in a tie and push the top strands to create more volume.


  1. Apply hair pomade or wax 

You can create layers by using hair pomade or wax. This will also keep the hair in position for a longer time. You can also pick some of the strands to frame your hairline. 


To achieve a sealed look, use hairspray on the ends and edges of your hair.

Bonus point: You can achieve the exact hairstyle as Eren Yeager by shaving yourself.



Who is Eren Yeager

Eren Yeager is the main protagonist in the “Attack on Titans” anime series. He is famously known for his hairstyle, “The Eren Yeager Hairstyle.”

Who is Eren Yeager

He is adored for his strength, compassion, determination, and fearlessness. Eren Yeager will always be remembered in anime because of his ability to overcome adversities and his strong ethics.

Born in Shiganshina District, one of the world’s last remaining human communities. Eren pledged to destroy all Titans and reclaim the land which they had taken from humans when his mother was slaughtered by one.

Fun fact – In the first seasons, Eren barely changed his hairstyle. 


Why did Eren grow his hair longer?

Eren’s intentions change drastically as he becomes more restless in season 3. Stopping his haircare routine leads to him growing out of a man bun. That eventually explains why he wears the man bun in the fourth season.

Perhaps he grew out his hair to embrace the good and the bad changes he was undergoing by the end of the third season.

It is not uncommon for someone to stop grooming themselves due to the challenges and changes they are undergoing. That might explain why Eren Yeager stopped grooming himself after having a lot on his plate.


Why is Eren’s hair so popular?

Eren Yerger’s hair is popular because it is a big part of his style and personality. The style is a way of looking messy effortlessly but still looking cute. In the series, Eren doesn’t let it down, and people like it enough in a man bun that they feel the need to copy it.



Final word

I hope you now have an idea of the Eren Yeager hairstyle and how you can effortlessly achieve this look. You don’t have to debate a lot about it to get it. Just follow the simple step-by-step guide and be the next Eren Yeager catching peoples’ eyes.

The hairstyle is easy to maintain, and you can achieve the style in many different styles. It is also suitable for all ages. You can also decide to experiment with the hairstyle and color your hair to achieve your desired look.

Let’s not also forget how affordable and straightforward it is to recreate. But you must consider that you will need to visit your hairstylist frequently to trim the ends as the hair grows. However, this is not much of an issue. 

You do not have any reason not to rock Eren Yeager’s hairstyle as your new style!


If you are a fan of anime, then you understand how the Eren Yeager hairstyle made a statement. The producers of Attack on Titan gained new followers by portraying Eren Yeager in this hairstyle. That is because even a change in the physical appearance of one character is always noticed.

The anime world is famous, and this is entirely understandable. The anime producers make great fights and emotional scenes that hit close to the heart. For some time, anime has set new fashion trends that have won people’s hearts.

Characters gain love from fans through their desired attributes. Attack on Titans producers hit the jackpot with this hairstyle. Even after changing his features throughout the seasons, this hairstyle was the most noticeable and loved.


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