Eazy E Hair (Detailed Look)

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Prior to his passing we witnessed multiple Eazy E Hair and fashion styles which today has shaped culture and continues to present itself. These styles ranged from

  • Jheri Curls (Signature Look)
  • Afro
  • Cornrows

While it’s been over two decades since his passing there is still a great amount of interest towards the rapper’s appearance, evident by fans dressing up as Eazy E for Halloween each year, researching his hairstyle & googling his height.

Our editorial will cover all these queries.


Eazy E Hair Gallery


Jheri Curls (Signature Look)

During his career as a solo artist and within the rap group NWA we saw Easy E style his hair in multiple ways with the Jheri curl being his signature look.

Eazy E Hair in jheri curl

The Jheri curl was created to change the texture of afro hair into a looser curly pattern during the 80s. This became prominent within black culture during this period of time.

In the mainstream the style was wore by Michael Jackson & Lionel Richie amongst others. Hip Hop being a younger genre at the time began to grow traction fast. NWA artists such as Eazy e and Ice Cube also sported the look during the 80s.



Afro Hair  

The afro was popularized in the 1970s by African American celebrities and athletes as a symbol of black pride and to communicate freedom from oppression.

The foundations of Hip Hop were centred around these topics with artists choosing this style to go along with the message they preached.

It continued to be popular in the 80s and was seen on the likes of Eazy E as well as others.

Afro Hair



While this was not commonly seen on Eazy E we do have archive images of the rapper wearing cornrows.

He can be seen in cornrows during his YO MTV Raps 1994 appearance.

Cornrows became popular in the 1970s and 80s which gained even more coverage in the media with Hip Hop artists styling their hair this way.

Eazy E Hair in cornrows



Eazy E Hair and Halloween Costume

As we previously mentioned Eazy E’s impact on culture becomes apparent each and every year with people dressing up as the rapper.

eazy e halloween

As you can see the highlight from these outfits are his hair and signature fashion looks.

Fans also mimic styles from other members of NWA such as Ice Cube and Dr Dre.



Jheri Curl Maintenance

Jheri curl is no longer a contemporary hair style. Men with afro textured hair can be seen in twists, braids and dreadlocks however should you be interested on how these styles were maintained keep reading.

These were kept by applying curl activator spray and moisturizers daily, all the while sleeping with a plastic cap over the hair to prevent it from drying out.



Eazy E Height

At the time of his death his height was recorded at 5’ 3” (1.59m)

For more information visit of shortest rappers editorial.


While Eazy may be one of the shortest rappers to ever live his personality, confidence and persona were unmatched. Artists like eazy reconfirm that height is just a number.


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