Drake Height (Proof & Measurements)

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Since his debut the drake height conversation has been an area of interest and we can confirm he stands at 6’1.

Whilst he stands at a good height amongst his peers he just misses the tallest rappers list.

Our editorial provides proof of Drake’s height through visual imagery as well as his own lyrics.



Height in Comparison

Whilst Drake stands taller than most of his peers within Hip Hop his height at 6’1 doesn’t seem too tall amongst the tallest athletes. Lebron James height has been recorded by the NBA at 6’9 and this becomes apparent by the image below.

drake height comparison

Both Drake and Lebron have made several public appearances together which often times can change the perception of drakes stature being smaller when in reality he towers over the average American male.


Stood next to Kevin Hart and we can see his true posture and size again, I mean its not hard to look tall against Kevin! The comedian stands at 5’2 which ultimately sees Drake tower over him.

height comparison



Proof of Drake Height

Need proof of Drakes height? No Problema!

Back in 2016 he released his song Sneakin featuring 21 Savage in which we see the rapper brag about his height.

Drake height proof

Sneakin lyrics, “Hunnid-fifty-inch screen in my bedroom, 6’1″, man, a nigga need some leg room”

At this point were all aware that rappers standing at 6 feet + have always bragged about their height since this signals strength and masculinity amongst men, that’s all Drakes doing here!



Does Height Matter in Hip Hop

As long as the fans are sold by the music we don’t care about height! Yes the taller you are the more room you have for bragging points, however it should be noted that we have countless number of short rappers who are successful with global impact, Wayne being the best example of this as he signed Drake to his label.


Artist Bio

Name: Aubrey Drake Graham

Birth Date: October 24, 1986

Birthplace: Toronto Canada

Nationality: Canadian

Profession: Rapper

Musical Debut: 2008

Net worth: 100+ Million

Albums: 7 Studio Albums


Final Words

As a result of his musical success and accomplishments were able to see a growing interest amongst other areas of his personal life with his height being one of them.



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