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A reflection of Drakes musical success can be seen in his influence in both music & pop culture from being a brand ambassador of the Toronto Raptors NBA team, relaunching the UK popular TV Series Top Boy, making it more common for male rappers to sing & having influence in Canadian political matters enough to meet with politicians and create dialogue. With that being said it should be no surprise that a Drake Haircut is a thing!

His good music and talent has naturally commanded the attention over the masses leading to admiration and flattery. The closest a fan might get to feel like Drake is styling their hair like his. Having looked through the archives we can see Drake Haircut styles are normally associated with a certain era and time in his life.

At Heartafact we detail the many different Drake Haircut styles sported by the rapper and its significance in culture. For those of you wondering how to get Drake’s Haircut look no further. Achieving this won’t be a problem due to the overall simplicity, let’s have a look.


Signature Drake Haircut

Before we explore the different haircut styles sported by Drake its best we start with his signature haircut. A style that happens to be his most notable and recognisable which simply is his low top, faded sides and short back haircut.

Drake doesn’t sway too far from his signature look as opposed to celebrities like David Beckham who is associated with constantly styling his hair in different ways. More often than not Drake keeps his hair low at top with faded sides.

A major change in appearance would be the growth of his beard. If we date back to his last days on the Degrassi TV show to his legendary mixtape comeback season this period of his life saw Drake with a clean shaven face (2006 – 2009). Today he prefers the more masculine look with a full on beard.


Drake Cornrows

Drake cornrows

Guess we’ll be adding Drake to our Rappers with Braids list , as he recently decided to showcase his new hairdo in cornrows via social media.

This new look shocked the masses as Drake is usually associated with styling his hair curly or having a low buzz cut with drawn in features such as a line or heart ( as evidenced below)

If theirs one thing we know about Drake its his spontaneity, lets see how long he decides to rock the style!



Drake Hairstyle (Certified Loverboy Album)

drake haircut styles

One thing Drake intuitively understands well is creating social cues amongst fans to celebrate his music and albums. For example during the run up of his album Certified Loverboy Drake continued to style his signature look with one added variation, a heart shaped parting in the front.

For hard-core fans this created the opportunity for them to feel involved in the process thus encouraging more people to style their hair this way. Years down the line when these images are viewed it will be associated to his certified lover boy album, the same way we remember Wiz Khalifa’s Black and Yellow HIT song by images of his yellow patch hairstyle in 2011.


Scorpion Album Era 2018

Drake Waves

2018 being the release of his scorpion album, Drake styled his hair in his signature look for the majority of that year. Low top, high fade and short back.

This is also evident by the album cover image. It is Drake’s favourite look and something fans identify as the Drake Haircut. Around this time Drake also began to incorporate the use of Durags in his haircare regiment giving him waves, also clearly seen in his album cover and throughout 2018. Wanting to rock the same waves? Check out How to Tie a Durag.

Drake’s financial success also means having his barber on retainer allowing for neat looking haircuts and shape ups at his pleasure.


Views Album Era 2016

Get the Drake Haircut

Drake rocked an even lower haircut style during this time period (level 1 -1.5) while adding slight variations to his haircut. His skin fade during this time was even more impressive due to how low his hair on top was. Skin fades naturally are easier to notice with more hair on top due to the contrast, Drake however pulling off the skin fade no matter the level of his hair! Impressive!

One of the biggest songs to come out that year was hot line bling and in the video we saw Drake rock his lower cut hairstyle with a line on the side. Simple yet stylish. Artists such as Nas have also been known to rock this hairstyle from time to time.


The Drake Haircut in the Nothing was the Same Era 2013

drake curly afro

During this time period Drake grew his hair into a mini afro and due to his natural curl pattern this added loose curls on top, faded sides and low back. Around this time period Drake would emphasise his shape ups bringing attention to the curls on his head. We also believe Drake was at a point where he wanted to experiment with different looks and find out what suited him.

Around this time we also saw Drake embrace a more masculine look with stubble on his face, this of course eventually lead to his full on beard we see him rock today.


How to get Drakes Haircut

If you want to achieve the Drake Haircut look make sure you follow the tips below

  • Ask your barber for a short back and faded sides (Low or High Fade)
  • Level 1-2 on Top
  • Show your barber an image which will help illustrate what you want
  • Wear a Durag to achieve a wave pattern
  • Ensure you comb your hair gently
  • Add a slight variation to your haircut style, Heart or Line. The choice is yours
  • Start the process of growing out your beard.


Achieve of Drake Haircut Styles over the years

To end our editorial we have added images of Drake over the years and the different hairstyle looks he’s rocked in the past. As we mentioned Drake’s haircuts are normally based around his signature look so the styles won’t vary much but should give you a good reference point to start from!


Style 1: Mini Afro Curls & Stubble 

curly afro


Style 2: Low Cut & Line Parting (No Fade)

Low Cut & Line Parting


Style 3: Mini Afro Curls & Full Beard

Mini Afro Curls & Full Beard


Style 4: Want the Drake Waves? Then you got to invest in a durag

How to wear a durag for waves