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At a first glance DK Metcalf Hair styles are a personal choice the athlete sports both on and off the field however within our editorial you will learn that his decisions to bleach his hair has personal meaning!

Athletes today are not only admired for their athletic ability, but an equal amount of interest is placed on their hair and fashion choices which happens to be the case with DK Metcalf, lets take a closer look!

Why does Metcalf dye his hair?

The question you may be wondering at this point is why does Metcalf dye his hair? And the answer is simple, he feels comfortable at Seattle enough to express himself, his personal style is not judged.

different hair colours

Players feeling that they fit in is the foundation for a successful season.

When speaking about being coached by 69-year-old Pete Carroll he said

“I can come in with different color hair every week and he’s not going to call me out or say anything or, hey, what’s wrong? Is everything going good at home? He’s just going to let me be myself”

The result of this relationship and understanding? Great performances on the field!


DK Metcalf Hair in Blue

During his football career we have seen multiple DK Metcalf hair styles, however there is a significance with the colour blue.

In a press conference he briefly elaborated on the colours meaning stating that with the highs and lows in the season it signifies staying cool.

 DK Metcalf Hair in blue

If we dig a little deeper what we find is that DK is using the colour blue to control his previous outbursts and frustration during games, therefore this personal decision helps him stay focused.

Blue has tremendous power to manage stress whilst calming your mind and if it works for him then so be it.


Purple and Blue Hair

From the moment DK’s football career started it was apparent that he would be experimental with his hairstyles, evident by the 2 bleach colours in his hair.

DK Metcalf Hair blue and purple

On faded afro curls we see the athlete sporting his half blue half purple for nothing more than wanting to stand out. Social forums and the media picked this up immediately we the feedback being mixed, some loving the style whilst some hated it.

He continues to bleach his hair today but with a focus on his entire head as opposed to ½ of each.

We don’t think its that bad, how about yourselves?


DK Metcalf Hair Colors

Now that we have covered the meaning of his constant hair colours changes and significance of blue dye, we have included a gallery out the other colours he has worn during his career.

bleach and faded hair

DK Metcalf green hair

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