The Best Devin Booker Haircut Moments

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Within his 8 NBA seasons every single variation of the fade has been perfectly crafted into the Devin Booker haircut which have included his,

  1. Burst Fade with Curls
  2. Drop Fade
  3. Crew Cut with Drop Fade
  4. Temple Fade
  5. High Top with Curls
  6. Grown Out Afro

The foundation of his haircut is simple, afro hair on top with any of the faded variations to his liking at the time!

Our editorial will take a deep dive into these haircuts throughout his professional career within the NBA. Gallery included!

Here are the Best Devin Booker Haircut Moments

Burst Fade with Curls

Devin’s burst fade features a semi-circle shape which has been cut just above his ear and slightly towards the back.

Whilst the burst fade is similar to the drop fade there are clear distinctions between the 2 which is why our image includes the arrow graphic to pinpoint where the semi-circle fade lies.

In addition to this we have various images below which show Devin adding his signature side parting line, which is also curved, thus creating more attention towards his fade.

Drop Fade

As the name suggests “drop fade”, this variation focuses on the fade dropping as it passes the ear.  It is also known as the shadow fade.

In our next image example we show you Devin’s drop fade from the behind angle whilst we compare it to Ja Morants Hair having a temple fade.

The image perfectly illustrates how the drop fade keeps the volume around the top while gradually going from a high, medium and low fade. The temple fade stops at the ear and doesn’t go past that point.

The beauty of the style is that is highly versatile and can be achieved on a buzz or crew cut as our next example demonstrates below.

Crew Cut with Drop Fade

With the option to keep the drop fade on the sides we have previously seen Devin have his hair lengths both longer and short.

Whilst the actual crew cut has a long history being the uniform look amongst men of military services we continue to see a large appreciation for it amongst athletes.

Minimal, low maintenance which is worn both on and off the court all the while further enhancing masculine features as attention is not so much on his hair but on the facial profile, its a win win hairstyle!

Temple Fade

The subtle nature of the temple fade draws attention to his beard as the contrast highlights this area more.

Yes this particular fade covers a very small area, however we are still able to get many different variations of it, low, medium and high.

He will usually have this styled with a line drawn in so don’t feel like you can’t get creative if you have a temple fade.

For black men with short hair the option to pair your temple fade with 360 waves is openly available, get you some beard oil and your set! Don’t say we don’t look after you here at Heartafact!

High Top with Curls

Whilst we must admit that this particular style is not as popular as the others it still makes the list of Devin Booker Haircut styles! His high-top we believe is worth mentioning!

Now from that angle it looks like a drop fade, we get that, that’s why we’ve used the white line which shows their being shorter hair on the sides and most on top.

A burst or drop fade would be more apparent in nature, in the image we can see his sides were completely shaven off and began to grow back which indicates to us this was a high top.

With that aside its evident that the influence of 90s faded high tops continually presents itself on athletes and rappers.

Grown Out Afro

Whilst most professional athletes will have a personal barber it’s not uncommon to see them going for the grizzly look every now and then.

From the image above we can see where his side line was as well as his fade. Due to his hair growing out were also able to see his natural hair type more clearer which looks like its 4A.

Outside of the hair just being long thus turning into an afro, whether conscious of it or not the afro hair when long is a political statement.

Whether conscious of it or not it screams black pride!

NBA 2K Hair Graphics

Not only is Devin featured in the game but he makes the cover for NBA 2K23 and with that in mind the video developers ensure every intricate detail of his face is included.

NBA 2K Hair Graphics

Say what you want about the game but the graphics? 10/10!

Fade and curly hair is made apparent from the moment you see the physical copy or view any promotional material, which again supports our statement when we say the drop fade and curls are his trademark look!

Key Take Away: Have a Signature Look

From our gallery it should be apparent that Devin stays in his lane when it comes to getting his haircut.

The slight difference will be in the variation of the fade, however for the most part it’s a simple haircut which creates his trademark look.

In order to get your look here’s what we need you to do,

  • A/B test your Haircuts
    Find 2 to 3 haircuts you like and take pictures in them all to see which one is best suited to you. Rock that continuously and that’s your trademark look.

  • Grow out your Hair
    Its time to get experimental with your hair and this comes in the form of trying new styles. Then try all fades, drop, burst and temple fade!

  • Select the Best Products
    Product selection comes down to ensuring what you use is best for your hair type. If you’re unsure ask your barber or hairstylist.

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