Dev Patel Hair (Detailed Look + Gallery)

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Our editorial highlights the most recent Dev Patel hair styles which we have categorized into 3 main sections today,

  • Grown Out Hair
  • Calm Waves
  • Medium length Hair

His hairstyle today massively differs from his breakout role hairstyle in Slumdog Millionaire released back in 2008.

In real time we have seen the modified flat top be exchanged for his signature long grown out hair.

Dev Patel Hair Gallery

Grown Out

Dev Patel’s hair type is loose wavy hair which ranges between 2A – 2B. Dark, thick and shiny is what has become a signature look.

Dev Patel Hair grown out

Actors will often time choose a hairstyle which vastly differs from the one their known for in a breakout role as well as wanting a creative change.

His loose S-shape pattern becomes apparent at medium and long lengths. Products that will add varying degrees of volume and shine to his hair like cremes and sprays.

We also see Dev alternate between a messy grown out look with curly ends and a more sophisticated one by having his longer hair swept back!

Calm Waves

The difference between the image below and the image above is night and day, one reveals a messier look and one more reserved and fine.

Dev Patel Hair in calm waves

This look has been achieved with the use of a blow dryer and a comb to straighten out his waves. It’s only a temporary fix as his hair is naturally wavier than this.

Straighter hair can be easier to manage when you have the right products in place and there’s options for faded sides should you ever want to give it a contrast look.

Medium Length Hair

The foundations for his grown out hair can be seen on his medium length hair which is scissor cut, layered and above his shoulders in length.

Medium Length Hair

Since his hair at this length doesn’t touch his shoulder, our focus is also placed on his facial hair and features.

Longer hair masks certain elements of your face such as the jawline whilst medium length hair keeps everything exposed.

You have options once it reaches this level for more styling and the complimentary beard gives it the underlying finish.

Extended Gallery

dev patel hairstyles
dev patel haircut

Key Take Away: Have a Signature Look

Dev has made it apparently clear, his signature look today is his grown out hair.

  • A/B test your Haircuts
    Ensure that the style you select as your trademark look suits you and you can only know this by testing multiple styles.  
  • Consistency
    Being consistent with your selection is vital if you want to make it your signature look. Dev may have different variations but its always around the same look.
  • Select the Best Products
    Product selection comes down to ensuring what you use is best for your hair type. When it comes to product use the best but remember less is more, you don’t need to purchase different hair products all the time. Just find out what works best.

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