The Best Dansby Swanson Hair Moments (Detailed Look)

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When the biggest sports media companies ask about Dansby Swanson Hair at press conferences it’s on behalf of the masses since he has some of the best locks in the MLB and we need to know what he does!

Spoiler alert: He says there isn’t much of a routine, just wash days and oiling hair 😒.
More on this later!

Our editorial covers his trademark look as well as hair type with an extended gallery of all his hairstyles.

Dansby Swanson Hair Type

At a 1st glance we can see that Dansby’s hairstyle is thick and wavy which falls under category 2. He maintains his hair at medium length with constant trimming.

Dansby Swanson Hair Type

We predict his hair ranges between 2A and 2B, which we can identify by his very loose waves. His hair begins to wave from the midpoint towards the ends.

Whilst his hair is naturally wavy it would require minimal effort to straighten out, however the daily maintenance of this look can be achieved with a spritz of salt spray.

Signature Hairstyle

Throughout the course of Dansby’s career we have seen him be consistent with his signature medium length wavy hair.

Dansby Swanson Hair at medium length

If its game day then the MLB player can be seen in his teams merchandise cap and when taken out it’s the messy quiff look that’s revealed.

Outside of game day he will alternate between hair being brushed back, messy or messy with a small side bang.

Regardless of the occasion his hair always looks healthy, thick and flows effortless. Its only a matter of time before head and shoulder sign him up for a brand partnership, mark our words!

Wavy Hair with a Temple Fade

We like to pay attention to detail and as you can see below we have highlighted the minor temple fade which blends into his beard.

temple fade with medium hair

With this particular fade a small section beside his ear which creates a natural contrast between the side and top and draws more attention to his beard and hair.

Its not often we see him in a temple fade, however when he does it further makes him stand out!

Facial Hair

Whilst Dansby may not get experimental with his hair we certainly see him alternating between different beards.

Dansby Swanson Hair and beard

From his stubble, full beard to his beardstache we have seen many variations of his facial hair.

Out of the 3 it’s the full beard he’s mostly seen in today. Now there’s a prerequisite here which is patience! We all know these beards are admired for their thickness and length, however its only achieved through the patience and right grooming practices.

Dansby Swanson Hair Extended Gallery

long wavy hair
wavy hair combed back

Key Take Away: Maintenance

The look of Dansby Swanson’s hair creates the impression that he spends a great amount of time and effort on it when it reality it doesn’t need to be that complicated.

Here’s what you need to do!

  • Find the Right Conditioner and Shampoo (Create a Routine)
  • Don’t Overuse Product
  • Trim Split Ends as hair gets longer.
  • Eat nutritious based food.

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