Daniel Radcliffe Height (With Visual Comparisons)

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Daniel Radcliffe Height ranges between 5’4 & 5’5 which officially makes him one of the shortest male actors whilst also being under the average height for men.

 Our editorial demonstrates this through the use of imagery whilst comparing his stature to his peers.


Daniel Radcliffe Height Comparison

At 5’4 Daniel remains one of the shortest men in the entertainment business over towered by most people, including his partner Erin Darke.

Erin Darke height against daniel

Erin Darke stands between 5’7 and 5’8 and the difference in stature is clear to see, with or without heels she towers over Daniel.

Taking a closer look at the image we can see all parties have their feet level placed which provides an accurate perspective on their height



Next we can see Daniel alongside Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum during the UK premiere of The Lost City in London.

How tall is daniel radcliffe

The images perfectly illustrates a man at 6ft which is a few inches over the average standard and a woman who stands at around 5’7 (similar to his partner)

Both heights towering over Daniel which again is the case most of the time.

A person’s height is primarily influenced by genetics which is a great indicator for their height and their offspring.



Does Height matter in Hollywood?

You know it DOES NOT MATTER! We could list a range of actors and comedians who have made a name for themselves due to their talent and hard work, this applies to Daniel.     

I mean you don’t become one of the most successful comics and actors thanks for your height! That comes down to hard work, talent and connections.



Comedian Bio

Name: Daniel Jacob Radcliffe

Birth Date: 23 July 1989

Birthplace: London, England

Nationality: British

Profession: Actor



Final Words 

A common question posed is “How tall is Daniel Radcliffe?” since various publications and forums state different measurements.

As a result of this there is a growing interest towards his life outside of film, with a specific focus on his height since his stature has changed from the first moment he was introduced to the masses as a kid actor.

Daniel Radcliffe Height ranges between 5’4 & 5’5



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