The Best Corbin Bleu Hair Styles (Gallery)

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Our gallery includes all the best Corbin Bleu Hair moments from his time as a teenage star actor in Highschool musical up until current his Broadway theatre hairstyle.

We will detail his past and present looks which include his,

  • Quiff
  • Short Curls
  • Mohawk Hair
  • Medium Curls
  • Grown Out Curls

Our editorial highlights his signature hairstyles, his hair type as well as providing a gallery of all mentioned styles above.

Corbin Bleu Hair Type

Corbin Bleu’s natural hair type is curly which ranges between 3B and 3C.

Corbin Bleu Hair Type

We are quickly able to identify his hair type by his well defined S shaped curls. This is the look he wore during the hit movie high school musical.

His hair strands are densely packed together which ultimately creates more of a voluminous look.

All Corbin Bleu Hair Moments (Gallery)


One of the most reoccurring and current Corbin bleu hairstyles is his modern quiff that features a temple fade on the side of his head.

Corbin Bleu Hair in 2023

Since his hair type is curly and his quiffs appear wavy we can assume he is using straightens to achieve this look whilst also having hair not too long.

To finish off he pairs the quiff with a fade which creates a contrast between the top and sides making hair appear more voluminous.

Corbin Bleu hair in a quiff

The gradual temple fade sits just above his ear and is blended at the back and sides. The fade also compliments his stubble as it gradually blends into his sideburns.

Short Curls

As his hair grows out from his quiff to his short curls we begin to see his natural hair texture and type become more apparent.

Corbin Bleu Hair in short curls

His curls are further accentuated with the use of curl defining cremes. For his 3C hair type its essential that hair is well moisturised.

Not only does moisture add hydration to his hair which is vital to minimize frizz which this hairstyle is more prone too.

Corbin’s short curls are the foundation for all of his longer hairstyle variations, that’s why its important to get right and believe us, he gets it right!

Mohawk Hair

Grown out sides with his curly hair on top would create the most daring look we have seen on the actor to date, enter the mohawk!


The mohawk hairstyle is nothing more than a statement in which individuals make as well as using hair as a creative outlet.

The classic mohawk is known for its standout rebellious nature which is why most modern men today tend to opt for the fauxhawk which takes elements of this in a more subtle way.

A voluminous top further accentuated by his curls with sides totally clean or grown out is always going to capture mass attention!

Medium Curls

At the medium length mark we begin to see Corbin’s hair form into a curly afro with clearly defined S shape curls.

The nature of his curly hair means that it has the right support to maintain its natural bounce and curl consistent from roots to ends.

He alternates between having a fringe in the front along with a subtle fade on the sides.

There is no manipulation that takes place for this Corbin blue hair style, this is simply the product of his genes and we’ll be the 1st to admit were jealous!

Grown Out Curls

His grown-out curls are his most distinctive feature and forever embedded in our minds as Corbin’s signature look thanks to High school musical.

Within the make up and hair department they spent several hours to ensure his hair on set was bouncy and defined! It’s what separated him from the other cast members.

The success of a movie character is largely reliant on an actor’s image, behaviour and performance which is why certain people stick out to us.

Test this out yourself, ask someone who watched the movie to mention the 1st thing that comes to mind when you say Chad, they’ll most likely mention his curls.

Final Words

From his signature curls to his current quiff, we have been able to document his hairstyles in real time.

Whilst he was known for his long hair in his youth, we see him trade that for more conservative look in his 30s.

Do we envision him growing his hair out again, we don’t, but, you never know!

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