Chunkz Hair Transformation in real time (Gallery Inside)

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Male-pattern baldness comes in two forms, thinning from the front area and thinning from the crown both of which affected Chunkz hair simultaneously.

Our editorial details his hair transformation in real time whilst highlighting his hair type and hairstyles he now alternates between having reversed the issue.

Chunkz Hair Line

Our image below highlights his windows peak hairline to demonstrate where his hair began to recede. The arrows highlight the exposed scalp area.

Chunkz Hair Line

Often described as the V shape hairline due to its shape appearing at the centre of the forehead and something many men begin to experience as the approach 30.

Whilst some people may have subtle widows peak, Chunkz one was very obvious.

Chunkz Hair Type

Taking a closer look we can see that his natural hair type is loose wavy hair which we estimate is 2C. It sometimes appears curlier when it gets wet.

chunkz hair type

We are able to identify his hair as 2C by his loose S-shape pattern that becomes more evident when he grows his hair out.

Hair Transplant (New Hairline)

Chunkz has entered the chat with a new hairline and like he would say “AYY MAN YEAH”

before and after

A successful hair transplant would restore his hairline giving him a new look by covering his widows peak. Our before and after demonstrates this.

In any professional hair transplant procedure clients will go through a consultation process to assess the current situation and diverse a plan of action.

Small grafts of hair were removed from the larger piece of scalp which then is relocated to the thinning area and in this case it was his hairline!

Current Hairstyle

Short Back & Sides

Short back and sides can be applied to every haircut and in the example below we see it applied to leaving some wavy hair on top.

Short Back & Sides

In addition to this Chunkz will have lines shaven in to add an extra unique appeal to the haircut whilst the contrast sides make the hair on top appear more voluminous.  

Throughout the gallery you will see Chunkz alternate between the French crop, buzz cut or longer on top, the only consistent feature is his faded sides.

Side View

From the side angle we can see Chunkz with a skin fade on the side and back of his head which creates a contrast between the 2 areas.

faded back and sides

In the image above his skin fade also blends seamlessly into his facial hair! Who said barbering is not an art! Similarly to chunkz KSI Hair also features a skin fade.

After selecting a haircut you will have the option for a skin fade to be high, medium, or low as it grades into the beard gradually!

Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is Chunkz signature look, 1 level across his entire head and whilst he does alternate to long on top its mostly the buzz cut since his hairline was restored.

Chunkz hair in buzz cut

Chunkz can also be seen regularly in a durag to help him achieve waves on his buzz cut! So, if you’re wondering how to get waves, just follow us!

One of the biggest benefits about the buzz cut is the minimal maintenance especially in comparison to other hairstyles.

Temple Fade

The temple fade is a subtle fade yet it creates a significant difference to his appearance. A small area above the ear is shaven off to create a contrasting look.

temple fade

Though subtle in nature the temple fade can be applied to any haircut, buzzed, French crop, long on top, medium afro, quiff, you name it!

We are also able to focus more on his facial area as a result of the temple fade! This is a perfect option for those not wanting a large area fade.

Key Take Away: Have a Signature Look

In Chunkz line of work a signature look is not mandatory though it helps with personal branding.

When we think about chunkz hair today its seen in a modern buzz cut with faded sides and the consistency of this haircut makes it his signature look.

Alternating styles is fine too as we see him alternate between short back and sides and the buzz cut, just ensure you have your look, whatever your look is!

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