Channing Tatum Buzz Cut (Detailed Look + Gallery)

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The Channing Tatum buzz cut has not only been seen in critically acclaimed movies but he has made it a personal ritual to have his head shaved after film production.

Some of his buzz cut variations include,

  • Traditional Buzz Cut
  • Blonde Buzz Cut
  • Low Crew Cut & Taper
  • Bald Look

Our editorial will detail all the above looks in detail.

Channing Tatum Buzz Cut Gallery

Traditional Buzz Cut

Whilst there are various hairstyles Channing alternates between, he continues to be the most consistent with the buzz cut.

Traditional Buzz Cut

The Channing buzz cut has been featured in various movies with the most recent being the latest instalment of the magic mike series.

Channing Tatum Buzz Cut

He was spotted on set with the relatively low haircut and constantly shares the photos of the look on his social pages.

With their being little to no hair on top our attention shifts towards his masculine features such as his jawline and facial structure, and that’s the power of the buzz cut.

Blonde Buzz Cut

In an attempt to modify the buzz cut and make it modern we saw Channing have his hair dyed blonde which gave us Eminem hair vibes as slim shady.

Channing Tatum Buzz Cut in blonde

Channing surveyed his followers via Instagram asking whether the blonde hair was a good idea, and it received more positive reviews.

Though it was only a temporary look it made the headlines as multiple publications covered the moment, which was inevitable as it was a different look.

Disclaimer: Applying any sort of chemical to your hair is a very risky job as this can lead to breakage or thinning if not done correctly, therefore we always recommend you use a professional.

Low Crew Cut & Taper

In support of his character portrayal in the movie G.I.Joe as Duke Channing can be seen in a low crew cut in order to be congruent to the role.

Low Crew Cut & Taper

The G.I Joe franchise is centred around the 4 branches of the US armed forces being the navy, marine corps, air force and Army all of which sport a conservative haircut.

In addition to this we see him with a taper fade on the sides to create a natural contrast between the sides and top of his head.

Bald Look

Going even lower than the buzz is what we see when Channing decides it’s time to go for the bald look, it’s also nostalgic as he worn a similar look in coach carter.

bald channing

Most of his buzz cuts have been used for the purpose of a movie role, however we also know he will shave his head out of personal preference, this was one of those moments.

Key Take Away: Buzz Cuts don’t need to be Boring.

Yes the uniform all round look won’t provide as much option to style as someone with longer hair but you can still get creative.

  • Fade the sides.
  • Have a line drawn in
  • Pick a beard to compliment the look!
  • Colour your buzz cut to really push your boundaries.

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