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Skinny Vs Slim Jeans

Skinny Vs Slim Jeans

Skinny vs slim jeans is a hot topic of debate in the men’s styling world. If you too are interested to learn the differentiating factors between these two jeans types, we share details in our editorial below. 

Over the years, denim has evolved into so many styles. From boot cut to loose fit and low rise to high waist, there are many options that have been an indispensable part of men’s fashion edit.

Amongst all these choices, two styles have been misinterpreted a lot of times – skinny fit jeans and slim fit jeans. Both are uber-popular and trending since time unknown, still, there’s a confusion about their detailing.

What to wear with Black Jeans

What to wear with Black Jeans

Black jeans have distinctive advantages over other denim colours, for example black being a neutral colour allows versatility in your outfit options as it pairs great with all colours.

The colour black is also known for its slimming illusion as it reduces lighting cues to certain body parts which would be obvious to the eye in other colours, another reason consumers have black jeans as a staple item in their wardrobe.

How to Clean White Vans

How to Clean White Vans

While it may be a trend to rock dirty vans for those of you who googled “ how to clean white vans” clearly have the intentions of ensuring they stay fresh and were here to help with that.

While white sneakers are a favourite for most people, they also show signs of dirt, mud, and discolouration the easiest which is why it’s essential you know how to clean white vans.

How to Get Rid of Tie Stains

How to Get Rid of Tie Stains

The necktie is a focal piece of ensemble and this one staple accessory has defined the gentleman look for centuries. While stains on the tie presents an unkempt appearance, we have provided solutions on how to get rid of tie stains when these situations occur.

To ensure you get the most value from your tie proper care and treatment must be applied. Not only will this uplift your appearance, but it will allow your tie to last for a longer duration. Our editorial examines the best ways to clean stains from the different fabrics dependent on the stain and amount.

Types of Jackets for Men

Different Types of Jackets for Men

The US and UK men’s fashion Industry is ever-evolving – you can always find stylish and functional jackets to make you look great on any given occasion. Today Heartafact’s editorial team  has curated some of the most appreciated types of jackets for men. Take a look and find some new jacket options to add more freshness and warmth to your wardrobe!

v neck vs crew neck

V Neck vs Crew Neck

V neck vs Crew neck discussions are a result of personal preference with men preferring one over the other. Multiple brands today offer both variations for sale in t shirts, jumpers, and sweatshirts. Our editorial examines each one to help with your purchasing decision.

how to lace vans

How to Lace Vans the right Way!

There are many ways how to lace vans, some simple while others being more complex to make a statement.

Follow our guide to ensure your lacing your vans the right way, we have made sure to include multiple options enabling you to pick the style best aligning with your personal preference.

Derby vs Oxford

Derby vs Oxford Shoes

The Derby Vs Oxford debate has continually been discussed amongst men due to its similar appearance and quality. Both shoes offer a formal look suitable for formal wear and embody a rich history.

80s Hip Hop Fashion

80s Hip Hop Fashion

The 80s marked the 2nd decade in Hip Hop in which the new genre began to form its identity sonically and stylistically. At the forefront of the 70s in Hip Hop were the group Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. Within the early development years of Hip Hop Culture the groups fashion entailed a cowboy flamboyant aesthetic and Rockstar looks.


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