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Types of Shirt Collars for men

Types of Shirt Collars for Men

Shirts are undoubtedly a staple in all men’s wardrobes. They are essential for formal events, but you can always find a way to dress them down and still look dapper. There are several types of shirt collars to choose from when choosing the right outfit for any occasion.

How to Pack a Dress Shirt

How to Pack a Dress Shirt

Is it possible to fold and pack a dress shirt with no wrinkles? We’d say yes! No matter if you want to keep your shirts crisp in your closet or plan to take them in luggage, knowing how to pack a dress shirt correctly is important. The video above illustrates how to do show. We have also provided clear instructions below with our step-by-step approach to packing a dress shirt like a pro! Here’s how you do it.

How to Style Joggers

How to Style Joggers (For Men)

Joggers have been a wardrobe staple for years due to how comfortable they are and how versatile they can be styled. No longer are joggers only associated with home lounge wear but are now considered a fashion item which is why we are going to show you how to style joggers for the best looks.

How to Iron a Tie

How to Iron a Tie | Men’s Guide

Though ironing your tie may not be as common as ironing shirts or trousers it is mandatory that we keep them crease free allowing you to have a presentable look. Our editorial will cover how to iron a tie with a video tutorial on how to safely do so and different methods to prevent them from creasing.

Right Tie length

The Right Tie length | Men’s Guide

Ensuring you have the right tie length is the difference between having you look presentable or unkempt, which is why our editorial will demonstrate the correct length position along with a video tutorial guide for you to follow.

Men’s 80s Fashion

Men’s 80s Fashion (Style, Trends & Brands)

The 80s is a decade that is often remembered for its culture defining moments such as the birth of MTV helping to shape pop culture and fashion, Michael Jackson’s Thriller release, the rise of athleisure as Nike became one of the biggest clothing brands with the help of Michael Jordan & the emergence of Hip Hop culture starting to form its identity. Men’s 80s fashion was influenced by these moments & its nostalgia continues to be sought after today.

How Should Jeans Fit

How Should Jeans Fit?

How should jeans fit is a question we consciously & subconsciously ask ourselves when looking for the best options the market has to offer.

Selecting jeans that are stylish while comfortable is the aim with all purchases and it’s our job to support you with this.

Are Jeans Business Casual

Are Jeans Business Casual?

The question “Are Jeans Business Casual” is proof that there is still much confusion around the subject matter which we are going to clear up. Contrary to popular belief jeans are in fact classed as business casual and can be worn for different formal activities. Not all jeans will be classed as such for instance, baggy or distressed denim.

The Current State of Influencers in Fashion

The Current State of Influencers in Fashion

With the internet at full scale maturity and dominance of social media, we have seen an influx of influencers working collaboratively with brands to raise awareness around product and campaigns.Though the term influencer may be a newly used word, brands have always sought after those with high influence and audience attention. The current state of influencers now reveals a shift in culture with people now being able to obtain an audience through social media channels

How to Clean Timberland Boots

How to Clean Timberland Boots

The Timberland boot is one of the most iconic silhouette foot pieces that requires proper treatment and care. Since the Timberland boot is multi-seasonal, it can be worn in the spring, fall & winter, ultimately this will mean exposure to dirt, rain, and debris resulting in scuff marks. Our editorial will show you how to clean timberland boots to restore its look & quality.


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