Mens Hair/Grooming

ninja hair

Ninja Hair Gallery

In the twitch, gaming and streaming world talent is only the first part of the equation, the 2nd part is your image and personality which would explain the constant Ninja Hair colour changes and styles.

scarlxrd dreads

Scarlxrd Dreads (Detailed Look)

Since his musical debut we have witnessed the evolution of Scarlxrd dreads in real time. His starter dreads, bleached roots, shaved sides and hair jewellery continue to place him in the conversation of contemporary rappers with dreads.

johnny depp hair

The Best Johnny Depp Hair Moments

His influence in Hollywood translates over to men choosing to style their hair in similar ways which is why Johnny Depp Hair is not just for the big screen but equally valued at the barber shop.

Andre 300 Hair

The Best Andre 3000 Hair Moments

Hip Hops tendency to highlight the conventional image which for decades restricted rappers experimenting with their image would change forever once the media began to highlight Andre 3000 hair, costumes and unorthodox styles.

Meek Mill Braids

Meek Mill Braids (Gallery)

Before he was regarded as one of the best rappers in the game he was an upcoming hustler from Philadelphia with nothing but drive and hustle. Any reference to Meek Mill braids is a constant reminder of that!

maluma hair

The Best Maluma Hair Moments

His credentials which include his collaboration with high end fashion brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and Balenciaga whilst being deemed a fashion icon have inadvertently made his hairstyles and outfits a point of interest.


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