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Tyga Braids

Tyga Braids (Detailed Look)

The Tyga Braids conversation is one which continues to happen even years after his obvious hair transplant.

Reason being? At the start of his career Tyga’s hairline seemed to be receding at an accelerated rate by the year, with a thinning crown.

Dave East Braids

Dave East Braids (Detailed Look)

Outside of being regarded one of the best new rappers coming from New York Dave East has made an effort to separate himself from his peers, this is evident by his braided hair and fashion sense. Back in 2018 the rapper made the conscious decision to grow his hair which has resulted in Dave East Braids now being a huge part of his brand.

Swae Lee Dreads

Swae Lee Dreads (Detailed Look)

While Swae Lee dreads are no longer a thing since the rapper decided to chop them off back in 2020 we have decided to cover his previous look in detail.

While we have multiple rappers with dreads today, Swae Lee’s dreads set him apart from his peers due to their unique look and style.

Nipsey Hussle Braids

Nipsey Hussle Braids (Detailed Look)

Even after his death Nipsey Hussle braids continue to be influential as evident by the masses and his peers continuing to style their hair in similar ways as a tribute to the rapper.

The best way to describe this look is the California-style cornrows though it’s a lot more intricate than that and takes plenty of time to execute correctly this style is best suited for those with afro textured hair.

Ludacris Braids

Ludacris Braids (Detailed Look)

Ludacris Braids aren’t just a signature look for the rapper, but a cultural artefact that marks time in Hip Hop history. The Grammy-winning rapper, actor, and entrepreneur Ludacris has been one of the most recognizable faces in hip hop remembered for his hair, talent and creative music videos.

Frank Ocean Hair

Frank Ocean Hair (Detailed Look)

Frank isn’t just one of the most critically acclaimed new artists to emerge over the last decade, he’s also one of the more interesting, both in his music and style, hence the term “frank ocean hair” being a social media topic of discussion.  

Today, we will look at one specific aspect of his style being his hair over the years and his signature look being the buzz cut and how often he dyes his hair. 

Jeff Hardy Hair

Jeff Hardy Hair (Detailed Look)

Jeff Hardy has wowed audiences with his intricate and innovative signature moves in the ring for many years. What’s just as anticipated in the WWE universe is the Jeff Hardy Hair moments which means crazy colours and styles.

How often have you seen Jeff Hardy walk out to the ring with his wild, flowing hair in your favorite WWE matches? You probably can’t get enough of it if you’re anything like us! He’s such an incredible athlete, and his hair adds to his overall mystique. 

DJ Khaled Beard

DJ Khaled Beard (Gallery & Instructions)

DJ Khaled Beard has to be one of the most recognisable in Hip Hop due to his personal grooming routine.

One look at his Instagram feed, and you can tell that he prides himself on his appearance, but it’s not just about his new clothes or nice cars. At this point we wouldn’t be surprised if he brought out his own hair and beard products.

Brock Lesnar Hair

Brock Lesnar Hair (Detailed Look)

It’s no surprise that Brock Lesnar Hair is an actual topic of discussion in 2022! Since his debut in 2002 we were accustomed to Brocks short hairstyle, 20 years later and he has grown a top knot pony tail creating a new identity for the wrestler.


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