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Ice Cube Beard

Ice Cube Beard Moments

Outside of his impressive career in Music, TV and Film a lot of interest has been placed on the ice cube beard topic since he showcased his bushy off face beard during the 2020 lockdown.

As a result of his new look our editorial details the beard styles ice cube has always alternated between during his career.   

Jimmy Butler Hair

Jimmy Butler Hair (Detailed Look)

Jimmy Butler Hair has been styled in multiple ways from the buzz cut, mini dreads, braids to his current high top cornrows.

While he is mostly known for his NBA basketball career with the Miami Heat he is also considered one of the most stylish players in the game, which is no surprise that his hair is a topic of discussion.

Kawhi Leonard Hair

Kawhi Leonard Hair (Detailed Look)

At this point in time it’s almost impossible to think about NBA players with cornrows without Kawhi Leonard hair not coming to mind.

With his basketball-hawking abilities, he’s been dubbed the “Klaw” or “Claw,” earning him 7 All-Defensive Team nominations and the 2015 and 2016 Defensive Player awards. Putting his accomplishments aside his hair continues to be the focus on social media, so much so that the internet went crazy under the pretence that he cut his hair.

Snoop Dogg Hair

The Best Snoop Dogg Hair Moments

Throughout Snoop Doggs rap career he has alternated between multiple different hairstyles. His hair is a significant part of his brand which is why we have documented each and every Snoop Dogg hair moment.

Wale Dreads

Wale Dreads (Detailed Look)

The Wale dreads discussion has been pin pointed as an area for discussion and interest due to the rapper using his hair as a medium for self-expression, creativity, and individualism which Hip Hop Culture is all about.

Jim Jones Braids

Jim Jones Braids

Outside of being recognised for his flamboyant rock star style Jim Jones Braids remains a significant part of the rappers personal style. While Jim has often been trolled on social media due to the frizziness of his hair he has ignored remarks and rocked his braids with confidence for as long as we can remember.

Ed Sheeran Hair

Ed Sheeran Hair (Detailed Look)

Ed Sheeran is among the best-selling musicians across the globe, and it is easy to understand why. The artist has sold over twenty-six million copies of albums and shows no signs of relenting. That aside when you think Ed Sheeran Hair what comes to mind? His red/ginger spikes which we are going to look at in detail. 

Kurt Cobain Hair

Kurt Cobain Hair

Outside of his pretty boy looks the Kurt Cobain hair craze was a huge topic of discussion during his time as the lead singer of the group Nirvana.

It’s well documented that his influence can be seen throughout the grunge sub culture, however his hair also played a massive part of his brand and identity. Our editorial will take a detailed look at Kurt Cobain’s beautiful long hairdo and its influence during the 80s and 90s.

David Bowie Hair

David Bowie Hair (Detailed Look)

Bowie’s impact on the modeling market and popular culture, in general, is unmistakable and unrivaled. He stretched (and broke) limits with his appearance all through his lifetime. During and after his lifetime, David Bowie hair was considered a medium for self-expression, creativity, and individualism in its most intense. Bowie’s personality was sexually ambiguous, androgynous, and fluid, and with each shape-change come the next major societal revolution, thanks to his always-changing personality and constant self-reinvention.


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