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Most Popular Rappers with Dreads

Rappers with Dreads

Without much debate it is evident that dreadlocks in modern times are synonymous with Jamaican & Rastafarian culture. While many individuals choose dreadlocks as a hairstyle its worth mentioning their spiritual value. With that said Hip Hop culture has deep roots to Jamaica with DJ Kool Herc birthing the sound in the Bronx during the early 1970s. The influence of Jamaican culture grew at the same rate Hip Hop did which would explain Rappers with Dreads becoming common, the use of Jamaican samples in the music or dubbing and toasting over the music would later be known as rapping/emceeing.

Low Fade vs High Fade

Low Fade vs High Fade

The low fade vs high fade discussion has been an ever going debate within with barbershop. Both fades are great & trendy hairstyles that boost image and confidence. But before you settle on one, find out the better choice for you. Although both are popular and similar in cut, they give different looks. Each hairstyle starts to taper at different points of the head. The hair on the sides and back of the head also varies in shortness with each haircut.

How much to Tip your Barber (1)

How much to Tip your Barber?

Tipping your barber should not be an awkward or difficult task, as a matter of fact it should be quite the opposite. Tipping represents the appreciation towards your barber’s services and a gesture that never goes unnoticed. There are unwritten rules when it comes to tipping and if you find yourself googling “how much to tip your barber” our editorial will detail this for you.

The Current State of Influencers in Fashion

The Current State of Influencers in Fashion

With the internet at full scale maturity and dominance of social media, we have seen an influx of influencers working collaboratively with brands to raise awareness around product and campaigns.Though the term influencer may be a newly used word, brands have always sought after those with high influence and audience attention. The current state of influencers now reveals a shift in culture with people now being able to obtain an audience through social media channels


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