Mens Hair/Grooming

Pete Davidson Hair

Pete Davidson Hair (Detailed Look)

His high profile relationship to Kim Kardashian, previous ambitions to fly to the moon and public feud with Kanye West has resulted in all aspects of the comedians life being covered by the media with a growing focus around his hair and grooming routine.  

Riff Raff Braids

Riff Raff Braids (Gallery)

We have many rappers with braids today however Riff Raff braids may be the most versatile to date.

We continuously see the rapper style and colour his hair in multiple ways which has served as a significant part of his personal image and brand.

King Von Dreads

King Von Dreads (Gallery)

Lil Durk, Young Chop and Chief Keef dreads have influenced an entire generation of rappers to permanently transition to this hairstyle due to the Chicago street culture.

Javier Baez Hair

Javier Baez Hair Gallery

Since his 2014 MLB debut playing for the cubs we have seen multiple Javier Baez Hair styles from his crew cut, mohawk with bleached ends, braids and burst fades.


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