The Best Bruno Mars Hair Moments (Detailed Look & Gallery)

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From the Grammys to the Super Bowl stage, from music videos to world tours, we have seen various Bruno Mars Hair moments which have included his,

  • Pompadour
  • Pompadour with Fade
  • Curly Hairstyle
  • Blown Out Afro

Whether that garners your applause or apprehension, praise or scrutiny, social shares, or trolls, one things for certain his hairstyles are a social talking point.

Our editorial highlights his signature hairstyles along with a gallery of styles he alternates between.

Bruno Mars Hair Type

Bruno Mars Hair type is loose curly hair, which ranges between 3A and 3B.

Bruno Mars Hair Type

Were able to identify his hair as loose curls since we can see both wider and looser ringlet type curls in various photoshoots of this.

Type 3 hair is coarser, springier, and tighter than type 1 and 2.

The Best Bruno Mars Hair Moments (Gallery)


One of the most distinctive and signature Bruno mars hairstyles is his pompadour which is a direct homage to the late Elvis.

Bruno Mars Hair in a Pompadour

Longer hair that’s swept up and back at the top then flanked by slick sides or shorter sides. To achieve this look we see Bruno have his hair straightened.

Since he has naturally more curly hair any sort of hairstyle outside of his natural texture will need to be achieved with the use of tools and products.

Some straighteners and hair products to set Bruno off with a great Pompadour that’s thick, voluminous, and shiny!

Pompadour with Fade

The pompadour has been taken and given a new look to make it appropriate for the modern man which is simply the use of faded sides.

Pompadour with Fade

The pompadour itself is a classic and infers to having a longer top and shorter slicked sides, today however we see the sides integrating the use of a fade whether that be a taper, temple or undercut.

The main purpose of the fade is to create contrast between the top and sides thus giving it more definition and more importantly making it modern, the old days are done!

Curly Hairstyle

In the image below we can see curly hair against coily hair. Bruno’s hair being type 3 whilst Ushers haircut is type 4.

Bruno Mars Hair in curls

In addition to this we can see Bruno’s curls being highlighted during photoshoots and that’s not because of this camera, that’s down to genetics with a small use of product.

Bruno will simply use a good quality curly defining cream along with a curl enhancer mousse on damp hair to create the results above.

This not only defines his curls but makes them appear bouncier and healthier!

Blown Out Afro

Due to his curls not being straight we will see Bruno use a blow dryer to achieve the blown out afro look.

long curly afro

This method will involve the use of a blow dryer to straighten coils and curls with a comb attachment.

The blown-out afro also allows us to see his true afro length.

Extended Gallery

We have included various other images of hairstyles he has alternated between during his music career.

bruno mars curls

Key Take Away: Try New Styles

Whilst we know his record label will pay to have his hair done and groomed there’s a lesson here for us which is to try different styles

  • A/B test your Haircuts
    You may want to go classic or modern, it doesn’t matter what you pick, all that matters is that you test which style compliments you best and go with that.

  • Select the Best Products
    Product selection comes down to ensuring what you use is best for your hair type. If your hair is type 4 it requires more moisture than type 3 so make sure you pick the right ones.

  • Be Consistent
    Once you’ve gone through the trouble of growing your hair for months, testing what works and what doesn’t you will eventually have your style, good! Now rock the look like you own it!

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