Brent Faiyaz Braids (Gallery)

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Having captured the attention of the masses due to his voice and talent Brent is one of the most sought after artists in contemporary music. This interest in the artist translates in his fans wanting to emulate the Brent Faiyaz Braids style and look.

During his time in the industry we have seen him alternate between a few basic hairstyles, with the cornrows being his signature look.

Our editorial will give you a detailed look at the entire Brent Faiyaz hair journey starting from his early buzz cut to his afro and braids.


Brent Faiyaz Braids & Other Hairstyles (Gallery)

Below we have detailed the different hairstyles Brent continuously styles his hair in! Feel free to bookmark this page should you get inspiration for your next look. As the saying goes, Imitation is the best form of flattery.




While cornrows has been synonymous within Hip Hop culture , evident by the countless amount of rappers with braids , the same holds true when it comes to R n B artists.

Prior to Brent we have seen the style previously sported on black male singers such as R Kelly, Trey Songs and Omarion.

brent faiyaz braids

the best brent faiyaz braids



At this point Brent is just following tradition and how could you blame him. The style suits him well, offers a different look in comparison to his buzz cut days and is a great protective hairstyle.



Cornrows Side Parting

side cornrows

side cornrows

The beauty of the cornrows is their ability to be worn in multiple different styles and patterns. Brent can be seen alternating between the traditional straight lines and the side cornrows with a middle parting.

This is a subtle change in appearance while it offers a completely different look



Afro Blow Outs

afro blow out

brent faiyaz afro

The blow out can be seen all throughout Brent’s social media page.

This is normally achieved with the use of oils and a blow dryer. Hair is sectioned, picked with an afro comb and blow dried out which further increases the hair volume and length.



Buzz Cut

Brent will largely be remembered for his buzz cut as that was the style he wore during the earlier phase of his career.

buzz cut and fade

The buzz cut continues to be a go to look for men. Offering a masculine appearance which is relatively low maintenance. While we don’t imagine to see him cut his hair anytime soon we will always remember his low trim and fade.



Tips to maintain Cornrows

Brent Faiyaz braids go through a thorough process to ensure they stay healthy and clean all year round. This is what enables his length, thickness and hair growth. We have listed the main tips to include in your routine to achieve the same results.


Constantly moisturize your scalp
Your scalp is an extension of your skin, and you wouldn’t leave the house with your skin unattended to, so don’t do this to your scalp. This can be as simple as spraying rose water daily or any light water based spray.


Oil your Scalp
Oil helps in scalp health and is vital for thick hair growth and as you can see Brent’s hair is very thick. Certain oils that help promote thickness are olive oil and coconut oil.


Protect your hair while sleeping with a Durag
Protecting your hair is very important and you want to ensure that your hair is protected as you move around in your sleep during the night. Not only does it control your hair frizz but cotton has been known to dry afro hair, this is why we advise you to protect it at night.

If you prefer not to, you have the option to sleep with a silk pillowcase.


Ensure you take your Hair out every 6 Weeks
Simple, this is just hygiene! Your hair has been exposed to multiple layers of dirt and environmental factors which requires up keep! Wash days are your best friend!


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