Bradley Cooper Haircut Gallery

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A quick google search for Bradley Cooper and you have multiple image results showing different hairstyles because he changes it up so frequently, which creates a difficulty to name or group particular styles the “Bradley Cooper haircut”.

Nevertheless our editorial includes the styles he alternates between most.

No matter what hairstyle he decides on, Brad is always the center of attention, thanks to his hollywood star power, looks and global appeal. 

Because he is a trend-setter, many of his fans look to him for inspiration on cutting and styling their hair.  For anyone who wants to emulate his appearance, your in the right place as we show you How to Get Bradley Cooper’s Hairstyle.

Bradley Cooper Haircut Gallery

Short Mullet/Slicked Backed

Bradley Cooper Hairstyles

The mullet being one of the most popular 80s hairstyles men wore has had its resurgence with actors such as Bradley sporting the style in his unique way. 

Like many of his other haircuts, Bradley aims to make this Ivy League style look unique and this is evident as his is not your typical mullet which is categorised by super short sides and long back. While elements can be seen its worn in his own way. 

Short Length

short hair

The styling possibilities are nearly endless when you have long hair in the back with short hair on the top and sides. Hair is parted around the middle and swept back, with a slight parting at the ends to add playfulness.

Short & Spikey

Bradley Cooper Haircut styles

We don’t always see the actor sporting a short haircut, but here he is. Spikes cover every inch of this timeless style, and that’s part of what makes it so great. His eyes are even more noticeable because of the chestnut tone.

Slick Back

slicked back

Here’s a slightly different take on his signature look. This time, there is no center, and more of his natural curls flow toward the rear. His choice of a sleek back gives him a more sophisticated appearance.

Buzz Cut

buzz cuts

Short hairstyles are a favorite of Bradley’s, as was previously stated. As a result, his actions are entirely understandable. Bradley’s buzz cut makes him seem more rugged and macho with the chiseled and angular features accentuated by it. 

Short and Wavy

short & wavy

Like the short and wavy, Brad Cooper’s Hairstyles are flattering on a wide range of hair types. With the short sides, your face is given more structure while having enough length up top to create some volume to your appearance. 

It is an excellent option if you have thin hair and don’t want to cut it all off. Straight or wavy hair types would benefit from this cut, providing more structure than curly hair.

Messy Spikes

Bradley Cooper spikes

Bradley Cooper’s disheveled, messy spiky haircut is very great. Spiky, unkempt hair is a look that never fails to catch the eye. Volumizing mousse and a fine-toothed comb are required for this look. 

Perfecting your technique may take some time, but it will come naturally to you once you do. As long as your face shape is oval or oblong, you can pull off this style if you have enough hair. 

Short PonyTail

Bradley Cooper ponytail

Bradley Cooper underwent a style makeover in which he let his hair grow longer. With a simple short ponytail, you may emulate his look. You could gather your hair into a ponytail and secure it with a little elastic. 

Get someone else to tuck in the first elastic band to help you keep your hair out of your eyes and from your face. A short ponytail can be dressed up or down, depending on the outfit.

Refresh yourself with some motivation from one of the world’s best as you embark on a new day. Let us know what kind of appearance you’re going for, and we’ll help you get it!

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