Are You a Beard Snob? 8 Red Flags to Spot

Written By Bakes

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The Beard Snob desires status, authority, and class all through their self-pedestalized facial hair. This air of superiority results in silently judging the facial foliage of friends, strangers, and perhaps even their own reflection.

It’s likely you’ll conjure an image of someone you know all too well embodying these unmistakable traits!

Our editorial we’ll embark on a quest to uncover the 8 red flags that may just reveal whether you or a cherished acquaintance harbour a touch of beard snobbery! 🧔🏾

Here are the 8 Beard Snob Red Flags

1. Critiquing Others’ Beards 🚩

Step into a predominately male space like the gym and the beard snob is comparing his beard against the other men while critiquing.  

This behaviour isn’t limited to any specific setting; a beard snob is a beard snob in most settings, social parties or in the office they just must let their thoughts be known.

Whether it’s pointing out uneven growth, sparse patches, or a less-than-perfect shape, they’re always quick to offer unsolicited advice on how to improve someone else’s beard.

2. Exclusive Product Usage Only 🚩

If you find yourself turning up your nose at mainstream brands or insisting that only the most exclusive oils and balms will do for your facial hair, you might be veering into beard snob territory.

Yes, beard snobs make it very apparent to share their beard care products onto others since it worked for them, the conversation turns into an affiliate sales pitch!

Thanks, but no thanks buddy I’ll stick to what I’m using!

3. Gatekeeping Beard Culture 🚩

Beard snobs are notorious gatekeepers of beard culture, believing that only those who meet their strict criteria can truly be considered part of the beard community.

This full sense of ego only increases as they use free time to attend things such as the Moustache Championships and other beard branded events.

Feeling apart of these communities somehow creates the illusion that thoughts on mens beards are the new set standard, effectively shutting out anyone who doesn’t fit their narrow criteria.

4. Name-Dropping 🚩

“Met Rick Ross at the International Beard and Moustache Championships last year, he said my beard is BOSS.” 🙄

Yeah, he just couldn’t wait to tell us about his 5 second interaction he had with Rick Ross over the weekend to solidify his status as a beard authority figure in the friendship group!

Whether it’s dropping the names of obscure beard styles or boasting about the famous beard aficionados they’ve rubbed elbows with, beard snobs love to flaunt their knowledge and connections within the beard community.   

For them, having a well-connected beard is just as important as having a well-groomed one.

5. Inflexible Views on Beard Care 🚩

This is what it would look like in real life, the Beard Snob might dismiss the latest trend in beard oils as a passing fad, unworthy of consideration by any serious beard enthusiast.

Offer them a new, highly reviewed styling balm, and they’ll wave it off, citing allegiance to their one trusted brand, tried, and tested through the years.

Introduce them to a new grooming technique, and they’re likely to meet it with scepticism, if not outright disdain. Their refusal to entertain new ideas in beard care is often met with internal resentment from the snob towards them.

6. Using Beard as Status Symbol 🚩

To a beard snob, a well-maintained beard isn’t just a facial accessory—it’s a status symbol. The thing that keeps them up at night as they google how to grow a beard

Ok maybe a little bit of an exaggeration but you get the point.

They see their beard as a reflection of their masculinity, sophistication, and social standing, and they’re quick to judge others based on the presence or absence of facial hair.

7. Takes Credit for Beard Style Recommendations 🚩

Friends: “Mike your beards really grown, suits you too”

Mike “Thanks man, bought some good beard oil from the beard club”.

Snob “Yeah, I recommended that to Mike and made sure he didn’t buy any of the crap he was using before, plus he also bought the same balm too, so I’ll take the credit”.

Beard snobs love to play the role of the beard guru, doling out style recommendations and grooming tips as if they invented them themselves. They’ll happily take credit.

8. There personal brand and personality – BEARD! 🚩

Meeting new people and immediately drawing attention to their 1 attribute, you guessed it, their beard.

Its how they leverage their online influence so we can see how this could go to their head.

Establishing authority in any domain is a challenge so they make it their life mission, and sometimes, unfortunately, make this all their known for!

Think all the best men in Hollywood with the best beards, now whilst they might be adored for their whiskers there also versatile in their gifts, talents & personalities.

So if your going to be a beard self-obsessed lover just make sure your not a 1 trick pony!