Are Timberlands Waterproof?

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For those of you posing the question, are Timberlands waterproof? The answer is yes! As it pertains to Boots!

Timberland are known for creating High quality boots which go through a rigorous manufacturing process that sees their boots crafted with the finest leather and coated with waterproof functionalities to ensure consumers are protected in wet weather conditions.

Now it should be worth noting that though Timberlands are in fact Waterproof certain products from the brand will not be. For instance, Timberland have stated that their Work Boots, Hiking Boots & Famous iconic yellow construction boot are all waterproof. Therefore, we encourage you to look at the product description of each Boot for confirmation as some may lack their waterproof properties.

Lastly Timberland create each 6 Inch boot with a tag hanging from the top eyelet which reads “Guaranteed Waterproof”. This tells consumers the brand is confident in their product and its functionalities. So, to answer your question are Timberlands waterproof? Yes, they are!

To further detail the Timberlands waterproof properties we have created a video sharing our experience with the boot. See below


Other Components to the Timberland Boot

Aside from its waterproof functionalities let’s take a look at other factors to consider which should influence your purchasing decision.

Grip – The soles are made with moulded rubber to achieve maximum grip, durability and waterproofing. Remember that though the Boot has become a fashion item its original intentions were to serve construction workers therefore grip is a necessity.

Insulation – The leather used on the boot acts as a great insulator due to its high quality and Timberland have incorporated Primaloft (microfiber thermal insulation material) to the boot for an added snug feel!

Snow – Due to the boot being insulated, waterproof with maximum grip they can be worn in severe cold weather condition such as in the snow.

Comfort – In our experience Timberlands can cause discomfort at some point during the day due to the heaviness and bulky weight!

For information visit the Timberland page which covers if TIMBERLAND BOOTS GOOD FOR WINTER


How to wear Timberlands

As the Timberland boot is multi-seasonal & a statement piece it can be worn in many ways which we detail in our how to wear timberlands editorial.

Our piece on timberlands demonstrates the following

  • How to wear Timberlands
  • Multiple Outfit Options
  • How NOT to wear Timberlands
  • Accessories to purchase
  • FAQ’s

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