All Kevin Hart Hair Styles (Visual Gallery)

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In a TV and Film career which spans over 20 years we can guarantee Kevin Hart hair styles will always alternate between the following,

  • Twisted Afro Fade
  • Buzz Cut
  • Grey Hair

Our editorial will provide a detailed look at his signature hairstyle as well as the not so publicized grey hair which he ensures is well groomed and managed.

Kevin Hart Hair Styles Gallery

Twisted Afro Side Fade

The persistence of his twisted afro fade makes this Kevin Hart Hair style a signature look.

Twisted Afro Side Fade

Kevin uses the sponge technique to achieve the look. It involves using the sponge in a circular motion over the hair to create defined and uniform twists, transforming a regular Afro into a stylish and textured look

This explains his afro twists and coils on top which is then complimented by the faded sides.

Outside of the comedian we can accredit some of Usher’s Haircuts for helping to further popularize the hairstyle in the black community.

Twisted Afro Front Fade

With a slight alteration to the side fade we can also at times seeing the front of his head being shaved for a more detailed hairline.

Kevin Hart Hair in a Twisted Afro

Creating a straight and symmetrical outline that frames the forehead is a little camera trick since it’s going to really bring out his features.

This precise line up adds a level of precision and sharpness to the overall look, enhancing the facial features and creating a neat and polished appearance.

The taper fade still comes into play on the sides and back of the head.

Buzz Cut

Regardless of the twisted afro being his signature style we were 1st introduced to Kevin the in buzz cut which he styled mostly during the earlier phase of his career.

Kevin Hart Hair in a Buzz Cut

You only get 1 chance to make the 1st impression and that impression Kevin made on us was the clean cut minimalistic look.

The Buzz Cut emphasizes Hart’s sharp facial features and exudes a sense of professionalism.

He has alternated between very simple hairstyles throughout his career.

Oh Btw to up your buzz game, add waves to the look. Don’t know how? No worries, here’s how to get waves!

Grey Hair

Whilst the restriction of movement back in 2020 due to quarantine lockdown we saw various actors embrace their distinguished Grey Hair and beards.  

Grey Hair

His decision to dye his beard and hair back to black for his TV and movie roles is primarily driven by the demands and requirements of the entertainment industry.

As an actor Transforming appearances to fit the specific character is part of the role, however when your in lockdown we get to see all the grey areas!

How to get the signature Kevin Hart Hair Style

The twisted afro fade is very simple to implement, follow the steps below

  • Start with Clean and Damp Hair: This is just common sense right? But you know, common sense is not common!
  • Choose the Right Sponge: Invest in a high quality sponge. This will provide the best results and help create well-defined twists.
  • Apply Styling Product: Apply a small amount of hair styling product or leave-in conditioner to your damp hair. This will add moisture and hold to your curls, making them easier to twist.
  • Twist with the Sponge: Take the sponge and place it on the first section of your hair. Apply gentle pressure and rotate the sponge in a circular motion in one direction. The hair will naturally twist around the sponge, creating defined twists.
  • Fade in: Ensure you select a fade best suited to your head. Any gradual fade around the temples that leaves a distinct line that blends seamlessly works. In short visit your barber!