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Throughout Adams eminent career as the lead singer of the pop-rock band Maroon 5 we have witnessed various edgy hairstyles since his debut which makes it hard to place a singular signature Adam Levine Haircut style to focus on.

Therefore within our Adam Levine Haircut editorial we’ve included a list of the most prominent hairstyles that he alternates between while also selecting styles that he’s wore for shock value.

The list includes the Undercut, Mohawk, and Buzz cut, amongst others. Therefore, if you’re wanting to achieve the same looks we suggest you keep on reading.


Short Mohawk

The Mohawk is reserved for men wanting to be versatile, stand out and make a statement, all of which can be used to describe Adam!

To coincide with his spontaneous nature Adam has spotted the Mohawk in different variations, however he usually can be seen rocking a short Mohawk more frequently.

adam levine short mohawk



Long Mohawk 

During his time on the TV Show the Voice Adam Levine hairstyles varied, however it was his long Mohawk which had social media talking! Unafraid to be daring, what better way to debut your long Mohawk then on national TV for millions to see.

If you have long hair already it’s simply a case of shaving the sides to create this look, If not be patient while it grows out! Also head to your barber as doing this yourself is risky.

Were well aware that Adam Levine gave himself a Mohawk a few years ago but we prefer you go to the professionals!

Don’t say we didn’t warn you if cutting it yourself goes wrong

Adam Levine Mohawk





The undercut served men well from the 80s and has kept its popularity as a go to style in the barbershops today with acts like Adam continually sporting the look.

To achieve a similar look, you’re simply going to taper cut on the sides and back of your head, with hair left longer on top. Feel free to add product on top for a slicked back look and shine.




Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is a good option for men who want to look clean-cut but don’t want to take the time or money to get an actual haircut. Adam was able to achieve this look by first shaving his head at the crown and sides before using a razor to shape the top part of his hair into a V-shape, which he then teased slightly. Lastly, he used a product to bring it together and finish the style.

Buzz Cut




Quiff Styles

Adam Levine is the latest celebrity to rock a quiff haircut in different styles. While some are opting for the fully-done look, others, like Adam, have a more natural take on the style and rock it with only some product for added texture. To achieve this hair, lightly apply a styling cream to damp hair. 

Then, use your hands to create small sections that you can direct in any direction you want your front piece styled in. Once you have achieved even distribution of pieces across your scalp, use a comb or flat iron to straighten out any flyaways.

Quiff Styles



Long Top Short Sides

You’ll see Adam as one of those celebrities rocking a long top short side haircut. To create this look, you’ll need to grow your hair out for at least six months and then have it cut into the desired hairstyle by a professional. The long top should be about 2 inches all over. On the sides, ask for 1 inch all over or for a fade if you’re looking for something slicker.

Long Top Short Sides



Dyed Hair

Adam loves to change his hairstyle as we have pointed out in this article, with hair dye being one of his go to looks. He has dyed his hair in multiple different colours such as blonde, pink and blue, and we have been privy to these hairstyles as he debuted them on the voice. 

For anyone looking for something similar, we advise you speak to a professional about dying your hair, getting it wrong could be a disaster, or worse could damage your hair!

Adam Levine dyed hair




Images of Adams braids or Corn hawk as he likes to call it were shared via his instagram account back in 2019! The singer can be seen with shaved sides and braids running down to his neck. He later decided to dye the braids blonde.

I mean, does it get anymore bold than that? When we said Adam likes to make a statement, be bold and spontaneous, this is what we were talking about! 

Adam Levine Haircut




Adam Levine Haircut Styles Gallery

mohawk styles


adam levine haircuts


different adam levine hairstyles


adam short back and sides


dyed hair



You can try out any of these haircuts in your local salon for just a few bucks.

However you choose to wear it is up to you, but hopefully, we have inspired you to pick up some scissors and experiment with some styles from the Adam Levine haircut gallery! Be sure to let us know how they turn out!

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