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Jet Black, layered, wavy and distinctive are the best words that comes to mind when we think of the signature Adam driver hair style.

Whilst the Oscar nominee has made a name for himself in Hollywood for his acting versatility and talent his hair equally garners the same amount of attention, and yes we admit some of that attention is hair envy!

Our editorial covers Adam Drivers Hair in its entirety!
(His Signature Hairstyle, Hair Type & Texture)

What Hair type does Adam Driver have?

Adam Drivers hair type is thick and wavy which falls under category 2 which we have highlighted in the imagery below.

Adam Driver Hair type

We can see the wave starts towards the middle of his hair flowing to the ends which tends to be the case amongst those with type 2B or 2C hair. Hair type is determined by genetics and his is black in colour and thick in texture.

Signature Hairstyle

His shoulder length textured hair which he is mostly associated with has become his signature hairstyle over the years. We have often seen his signature look in his movies, premieres and award shows.

long hair

This has given producers the ability to get creative with his hair depending on the film, for example with his feature in Star Wars we got to see wet and disheveled hair whilst his appearance in the house of Gucci saw his hair layered and fluffed up.

Since his fame and notoriety multiple questions have been posed around his hair from, What Colour is Adam drivers hair? to what his hair type is but the most common of them all is how do you get hair like Adam Driver.

Achieving a similar look simply requires patience! Not touching your hair and allowing it to grow and while you wait to make sure you eat clean and exercise. The right products should then be used for a textured shine and smooth finish.

Above Shoulder Length

Prior to his long hair we saw Adam keep his hair just above his shoulders. This ultimately creates a different look as well which we have seen him use in multiple movie roles.  

above shoulder hair

This is a great option for men with long hair not wanting to get as long but not wanting to be short neither. The key is to not remove too much weight which helps the hair smooth all the way down, but to allow the texture to shine through.


At different points of his career we have seen Adam Driver sporting a layered hairstyle along with his long and medium length hair.

layered hair

An example of this can be seen during his appearance on girls, the front of his hair being layered allowed him to wear his hair as a fringe or normally, prove of the given versatility that comes with the style.

Now before you grab your scissors and make a complete mess we advise you head to your stylist who will ensure even sections!

Short Hair

It’s been a long time since we saw his hair short but it will forever have a lasting impression on us since this is the hairstyle he wore during his acting debut.

adam driver hair cut short

All images of Adam Driver hair in 2011 consist of a short cut style that was used in his first acting role in the movie J. Edgar.

In addition to this his short hair emphasises his ears which we believe may have been an insecurity for the actor at some point of his life which would make him grow longer hair. In an interview with the guardian he stated many things have been said about his appearance, to quote him verbatim

“I have been told before that I have an unusual face. But my face is my face. I had a whole life before acting, over the years. Lots of things have been said about my face.”


On the rarer side of hairstyles was his wings haircut which was predominately seen on the actor during season 1 of Girls.

wings haircut

What makes this hairstyle one of the most distinctive looks is the incorporation of his fringe. This can be credited to the youth apart of the emo subculture who incorporated the fringe and bans to the wings haircut.

We must give much credit to the likes of Justin Bieber and Harry Style further popularizing the style in contemporary times.

To achieve this look you’ll need a good volumizing styling product which will need to be applied to damp hair. Then blow dry hair and using a large brush to create fringe and directing it towards forehead and going round to give it that curved look.

How To Get Adam Driver Hair

His signature look can be replicated with the right amount of knowledge and care.

This will happen in 2 steps, firstly you’re going to need to grow your hair out, common sense right, secondly you’re going to need to visit your stylist!

Step 1 (The Haircut)Once your hair is long enough you’re going to ask your barber or hairstylist for a mid-length round layer.

This will be the base of your hairstyle

Step 2- (Maintenance)With the cut now out of the way you will be able to use the best suited product for your waves. This is to ensure your hair stays in style for as long as possible.

Feel free to use hair paste, clay or the occasional blow dry to really bring the hair volume to life.

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