Ronaldo R9 Haircut

Ronaldo R9 Haircut


rappers with blonde hair

The Best Rappers with Blonde Hair (Complete Gallery)

Hip-Hop artists infatuation to stand out has set many trends within the culture, 4 …

Twists for Men

12 Twists for Men in 2023 (Video + Gallery)

Twists for Men continue to be a great hairstyle choice for men with afro-textured hair. They offer a great look while simultaneously being low maintenance. The protective hairstyle can be worn on both short and long hair and we have taken it upon ourselves to demonstrate the different options available to you.

Ja Morant Hair Styles and dreads

Ja Morant Hair (Detailed Look)

Outside of his athletic abilities Ja Morant hair has gained attention on social media which inadvertently made him a centre of attention for this unique look. We have seen him alternate between an afro, twists and his current hairstyle being traditional dreads.


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Mr T Haircut

Mr T Haircut (Detailed Look & Gallery)

Some of the world’s most defining cultural moments happened in the 70s and 80s, Michael Jackson released thriller, the first humans to … Read more

Burna Boy Dreads

Burna Boy Dreads (It’s Influence, Style & Gallery)

The influence of Burna Boy Dreads can be seen in real time. His hairstyle is reshaping the perception and connotation throughout Africa. … Read more

Jalen Brunson Hair Gallery

Jalen Brunson Hair Gallery

Since his 2018 NBA draft we have seen various Jalen Brunson Hair styles which have consisted of his, Athleticism aside the modern … Read more

derrick white hair

Detailed Look at Derrick White Hair (Visual Gallery)

The gradual recession seen on Derrick White hair line resembling a “skullet,”  garnered significant attention from sports an social media.   As … Read more

Randy Orton Hair

The Best Randy Orton Hair Moments

In real time we’ve seen various changes such as going from rookie to heel, his impeccable Character Development & influence, what hasn’t … Read more

Chris Pine Beard

The Chris Pine Beard Gallery (Best Moments)

There is no signature Chris Pine Beard look, we continue to see various looks from the actor, gracing red carpets, embodying iconic … Read more

Chris Pine Hair

The Chris Pine Hair Gallery (Best Moments)

The Chris Pine Hair gallery includes styles he’s worn as a part of his movie character portrayal as well as his off … Read more

Willie Nelson Braids

Willie Nelson Braids (Detailed Look & Gallery)

Country music often celebrates rural life, Southern heritage, and a connection to nature. Long hair evokes all these elements which explains Willie … Read more

Lionel Richie Hair Evolution

The Lionel Richie Hair Evolution

From his iconic larger than life afro in the 1970s to his current versatile look, we embark on a journey through the … Read more

Drake Braids Styles Gallery!

The Best Drake Braids (Detailed Look & Gallery)

Among the roster of rappers known for their distinctive braided looks, Drake braids stands out as the most distinctive with a penchant … Read more

Harrison Ford Beard Gallery

The Harrison Ford Beard Gallery (All Styles Included)

From the rugged stubble of Indiana Jones to the full, bushy beard reminiscent of Santa Claus, Each Harrison Ford beard style tells … Read more

The Gumby Haircut

The Gumby Haircut (History, Detailed look and Gallery)

Named after the iconic clay animation character, the Gumby haircut stands out for its unique shape and cultural significance. What initially started … Read more

Kai Cenat Height

Kai Cenat Height (With Visual Comparisons)

Kai Cenat height has been recorded at 5’4 which is several inches shorter than the average American male.

Kai Cenat Dreads

Kai Cenat Dreads (Detailed Look & Visual Gallery)

Our editorial details all variations of Kai Cenat Dreads which include his His dreads have garnered a significant amount of attention as … Read more

kid cudi hair

Kid Cudi Hair (Detailed Look & Gallery)

From vibrant colors to distinctive cuts, all Kid Cudi hair choices mirror his evolution as an artist and trendsetter, these include his, … Read more

paul heyman hair

Paul Heyman Hair (Detailed Look & Gallery)

Our editorial will look at the evolution of Paul Heymans hair which includes the following moments. Beyond his genius storylines, masterminding ECW … Read more

Jon Hamm Beard

Jon Hamm Beard (Detailed Look & Gallery)

The Jon Hamm beard journey has been an oddly satisfying one, it’s not the typical men’s beard journey no, when actors grow … Read more

Method Man Beard

Method Man Beard (Detailed Look, Gallery & why it got Trolled)

Outside of his impressive career in Music lot of interest has been placed around the Method Man Beard conversation, simply due to … Read more

Hector Bellerin Mullet

Hector Bellerin Mullet (Detailed Look & Gallery)

The modern take on any retro trend especially when it comes to hair results in social interest and commentary which is evident … Read more

Cameron Smith Mullet

Cameron Smith Mullet (Detailed Look & Gallery)

The year is 2021, it’s the Olympics, men’s golf is here with the best players around the world all competing, with global … Read more