Ja Morant Hair Styles and dreads

Ja Morant Hair Journey (Detailed Look)

Outside of his athletic abilities Ja Morant hair has gained attention on social media which inadvertently made him a centre of attention for this unique look.

rappers with blonde hair

The Best Rappers with Blonde Hair (Complete Gallery)

Hip-Hop artists infatuation to stand out has set many trends within the culture, 4 …

Twists for Men

12 Twists for Men in 2024 (Video + Gallery)

Twists for Men continue to be a great hairstyle choice for men with afro-textured hair. They offer a great look while simultaneously being low maintenance.


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Should Men Shave Armpits

Should Men Shave Their Armpits

This common question – should men shave their armpits? – has always been a big fuss in society. Trending talk of the town, it has gone far ahead from being a mere personal choice that it initially was.

How to Find a Sugar Mama

How to Find a Sugar Mama

The concept of sugar mamas and sugar daddies is nothing new. These types of relationships were usually more hush-hush/secret in the past, but nowadays, people have become more open about sugar dating. Sugar mamas are not as popular as sugar daddies, but they do exist, and a lot of guys, especially younger guys have been seeking information on how to find a sugar mama. There’s without a doubt more info on finding a sugar daddy than finding a sugar mama, and that’s our cue.

Post Nut Clarity

Post Nut Clarity Explained

We might joke about post nut clarity amongst ourselves, especially when we want to get the bad taste of a bad hook up out of our mouths (literally and figuratively) but have you ever wondered if it is even a real thing? Of course, it’s a real thing, right? If you, your friends and tons of strangers on the internet can relate to having that moment after sex where you suddenly come to your senses, then there’s got to be a ton of studies and research backing it up.

Are Beards Attractive

Are Beards Attractive?

Are beards attractive in any way? Some men still sport luxurious beards and seem to be fine. In fact, there seems to be a movement surrounding embracing men in their most natural, masculine state. This would be more convenient than having to shave and deal with itchy stubble and ingrown hair, but let’s not kid ourselves. We’re not trying to scare away our women. Are beards attractive to them, or what?

Low Fade vs High Fade

Low Fade vs High Fade

The low fade vs high fade discussion has been an ever going debate within with barbershop. Both fades are great & trendy hairstyles that boost image and confidence. But before you settle on one, find out the better choice for you. Although both are popular and similar in cut, they give different looks. Each hairstyle starts to taper at different points of the head. The hair on the sides and back of the head also varies in shortness with each haircut.

Harvey Specter Quotes

The Best Harvey Specter Quotes

The self-proclaimed “best closer in the city” Harvey Specter is one of those fictional characters that remain vivid in our minds due to his confidence and boldness which is why people draw reference to his quotes. Harvey Specter Quotes have been taken from his witty one liners becoming a huge favourite to fans of the show!

How to Wear a Tie

How to Wear a Tie?

The necktie is a focal piece of ensemble and this one staple accessory has defined the gentleman look for centuries and knowing the correct way how to wear a tie is essential. Whether you are wearing a wool blouson or sporting a leather jacket, you put on a tie, and all the spotlight will move to that one tiny accessory.

How Long Does a Tan Last

How Long Does a Tan Last?

Pale legs can be a nightmare for some, and a good tan can do just the magic for you. Our skin reacts with the sun rays in different ways, and skin tan is one desirable outcome of laying outside in the afternoons. This might lead you to think— how long does a tan last?

2000s Hip Hop Fashion

2000s Hip Hop Fashion

By the time the 2000s came around Hip Hop was becoming one of the biggest music genres worldwide, the commercial success of the genre would be reflected in the artists outfit choices & lifestyle. 2000s Hip Hop Fashion is identified for its staple pieces such as grills, New era caps, Durags, baggy t-shirts, air force ones and basketball jerseys

Shoes to Wear with Shorts

Shoes to Wear with Shorts

Many men prefer to stick to jeans and casual pants when going for the relaxed, chill vibe. However, men with a genuine appreciation for fashion know that even shorts can offer a classy, elegant vibe. Shorts are a statement when you wear them. All eyes are on you. Can you pull off the look?

How to Wear a Baseball Cap

How to Wear a Baseball Cap

While the baseball caps initial purpose was to protect the individual’s eyes from sun and cover heads from rain, today the baseball cap has become a symbol representing style, sports, youth, and street wear culture. Exploring all the different ways how to Wear a Baseball Cap will involve all the best outfit options to compliment the cap which we have included for you!

Idris Elba Outfits

Idris Elba Outfits: Signature Looks

Aside from his prolific acting career and rumors of being the new James Bond, Idris Elba is one of the most iconic male celebrities in the fashion scene. He is perfectly capable of bringing class and sophistication into his formal outfits while simultaneously exuding his fun personality with smart casual for his days off. Many men look up to this talented 48-year-old who seems to have cracked the male fashion code which is why we have complied the best Idris Elba outfits for your fashion inspiration.  

Asap Rocky Fashion

Asap Rocky Fashion: Signature Looks

Since his initial debut studio album in 2013, Asap Rocky has become a household name in Hip Hop Culture. The Grammy nominee has sold millions of records, achieved multiple music awards, and continues to tour globally. Outside of music Asap Rocky’s influence in Fashion has become just as impactful, making Asap Rocky Fashion a talking point within culture.

funeral attire for men

Funeral Attire for Men

Funerals are somber events that call for respect and tranquility. What you wear to a funeral sends a huge message. You need to plan your funeral outfit to fit with the mood. Black and other darker colors are ideal. Keep away from casual clothes and stick to formal wear.

Briefs Vs. Boxer Briefs

Briefs Vs Boxer Briefs- What’s Best?

Trends come and go, but when it comes to comfort, one thing remains constant- undies. You get countless options, but the impressive innovation and style in terms of fabric and fit are what matters the most.

Guide to Mens Underwear Types

Guide to Mens Underwear Types

Brands and retailers today make a conscious effort with regard to producing high quality underclothes for men. Today we have a variety of mens underwear types to choose from and have pieced together this editorial to assist with your purchasing decision.

70s sneakers

The Best Vintage 70s Sneakers

When people think of the most infamous sneakers of all-time they’ll probably thinking about how they boomed in popularity in the ’80s and ’90s. In reality, many of the classic sneaker designs that we wear today can trace their roots back to the 70s.

90s sneakers

The Best Vintage 90s Sneakers

If the 70s were the decade of design innovation and the 80s were the time when companies started to build their brand, the 90s were when it was all put together and sneakers became gigantic. It was also the decade that Nike crushed the opposition. 90s Sneakers is usually associated with Nike for that very reason.

How to Wear a Bandana

How to Wear a Bandana | Men’s Style

In this article, let’s look at an oft-overlooked piece of clothing – the bandana. Is it worth the hype? Find out more about how to wear a bandana to elevate your outfit. It might seem like men don’t have many options when it comes to expressing style and fashion. However, if you know to look for versatile accessories and articles of clothing, you can unleash the creativity in you through style.

minimalist sneakers

The Best Minimalist Sneakers

When it comes to sneakers, everyone has their own styles that they love. While some love bright colorways, others like their sneakers more stripped back. Minimalist sneakers not only look great but they also give incredible versatility with what you can wear with them. Over the last few decades we’ve seen many great minimalist sneakers on the market from a wide range of brands. Logos are less obvious, colors are limited and designs are kept simple. Here we look at the perfect minimalist sneakers. Let’s get started!