Ja Morant Hair Styles and dreads

Ja Morant Hair Journey (Detailed Look)

Outside of his athletic abilities Ja Morant hair has gained attention on social media which inadvertently made him a centre of attention for this unique look.

rappers with blonde hair

The Best Rappers with Blonde Hair (Complete Gallery)

Hip-Hop artists infatuation to stand out has set many trends within the culture, 4 …

Twists for Men

12 Twists for Men in 2024 (Video + Gallery)

Twists for Men continue to be a great hairstyle choice for men with afro-textured hair. They offer a great look while simultaneously being low maintenance.


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James Harden Beard

James Harden Beard (Detailed Look)

Outside of his impressive basketball career a lot of interest has been placed on the James Harden beard topic as its immediate distinctive look on the player garners the attention of fans and the media worldwide.

How to Wear a Flannel for Men

How to Wear a Flannel for Men

A flannel shirt is characterized by its plaid pattern, traditionally made of cotton and plaid pattern that has been produced since the late 19th century. This shirt makes a bold statement no matter who you are, and if you’re wearing it right, it can add some style to your outfit, as well as warmth in cold weather. 

Bradley Cooper Haircut

Bradley Cooper Haircut Gallery

A quick google search for Bradley cooper and you have multiple image results showing different hairstyles because he changes it up so frequently, which creates a difficulty to name or group particular styles the Bradley cooper haircut.

G-Eazy Haircut

G-Eazy Haircut (Detailed Look)

The G-Eazy haircut, popularized by G-Eazy, an American rapper and philanthropist, is a sharp and striking haircut influenced by the era of greasy hair. In most circumstances, the G-Eazy haircut is also known as a typical slicked back or comb-over hairstyle.

Chris Hemsworth Haircut

Chris Hemsworth Haircut (Detailed Look)

Throughout his illustrious career, the award-winning Australian actor has been a driving force behind one of the most famous men’s hairstyle trends — no longer is it the short textured haircut, we have renamed it the Chris Hemsworth haircut.

Seth Rollins hair

Seth Rollins Hair (Detailed Look)

Although Seth Rollins hair is fairly consistent now, he experimented with several hairstyles in the past. He rose to prominence as a pro wrestler of international renown. Nonetheless, the American pro wrestler is more renowned for his stunning appearance and charming personality.

Roman Reigns Hair

Roman Reigns Hair (Detailed Look)

For many wrestlers, their hairstyles are the most noticeable features they have. One of such is Roman Reigns hair. The superstar who has just become a hero for a lot of WWE’s youngsters had an unobtrusive, amusing interview in which he discussed his hair difficulties and how he dealt with them and with a grin.

Shawn Michaels Hair

Shawn Michaels Hair (Detailed Look)

Shawn Michaels hair is one feature that has enchanted millions of ladies from all around the globe in the 1980s and 1990s. But, Michaels was pushed into doing something shocking by his thinning hairline. Shawn Michaels shaved his head for the very first time in the last few years since he began his career in 1984.

Joe Rogan Hair

Joe Rogan Hair (Detailed Look)

The Joe Rogan Hair discussion is one which has resurfaced multiple times on internet forums and podcasts with Joe himself speaking on his failed hair transplant and hair loss.

pusha t braids

Pusha T Braids (Gallery)

Throughout Pusha T’s rap career he has alternated between cornrows and braids, however braids are his signature look which would explain why fans refer to his hairstyle as “Pusha T Braids”.

Peacocking (Guide & the Psychology Behind it)

In the image above who did you spot first? The guy in the bright blue overshirt right? Exactly! This is a prime example of peacocking. While this photo was unplanned the imagery above perfectly helps illustrate peacocking. Whether you’re conscious of it or not men peacock to communicate their value to the world and our editorial looks at the motivation behind this.

50 cent Height

50 Cent Height (Measurements & Proof)

50 cent’s Height has been recorded at 6 Foot tall (182.88 cm) and we have provided the proof within our editorial. The 50 cent Height conversation has been vastly covered across the internet and forums with wrong information and it’s our job to not only set the record straight but provide evidence.

Pop Smoke Height

Pop Smoke Height (Measurements & Proof)

Pop Smokes Height was recorded at 5’10 which is just above the average for a man who typically stands at 5’9. There are multiple sources on the internet covering the pop smoke height conversation with the wrong information. Our editorial not only provides the right stats but we have evidence against our claims. We will also debunk some other misconceptions surrounding the artist.

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Bow Wow Hair

Bow Wow Hair Gallery & Evolution

Bow wow has been in the public eye from the age of 10 in which we have witnessed his evolution in music, personal style and hair. The Bow Wow Hair Journey has been documented from 1993 until today and includes multiple styles

The Big Sean Hair Journey

The Big Sean Hair Journey

Our editorial will give you a detailed look of Big Sean’s Hair journey and the multiple different hairstyles he’s done. Hip Hop artists not only use music to express their individuality but also use hairstyles to communicate who they are. A decade into his career and we have witnessed in real time Big Sean go from low cut fades to protective braided hairstyles. Let’s take a detailed look

Fastest Rappers In Hip Hop

Fastest Rappers in Hip Hop

The fastest rappers in Hip Hop have a unique advantage over their peers which is the ability to rhyme at a faster pace. If nothing else it demonstrates an ability to be able to have breath control, skill and flow all the while outpacing the rappers on the track. Make no mistake about it the fastest rappers in Hip Hop have a unique Gift.