Top 12 Bald Rappers in Hip Hop


rappers with blonde hair

The Best Rappers with Blonde Hair (Complete Gallery)

Hip-Hop artists infatuation to stand out has set many trends within the culture, 4 …

Twists for Men

12 Twists for Men in 2023 (Video + Gallery)

Twists for Men continue to be a great hairstyle choice for men with afro-textured hair. They offer a great look while simultaneously being low maintenance. The protective hairstyle can be worn on both short and long hair and we have taken it upon ourselves to demonstrate the different options available to you.

Ja Morant Hair

Ja Morant Hair (Detailed Look)

Outside of his athletic abilities Ja Morant hair has gained attention on social media which inadvertently made him a centre of attention for this unique look. We have seen him alternate between an afro, twists and his current hairstyle being traditional dreads.


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Patrick Bateman Haircut

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Orlando Bloom Long Hair

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