The Best 90s Hairstyles for Women (25+ Gallery of Styles Included)

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Our 90s hairstyles for women gallery includes, Rachel’s iconic friends cut, Janet Jacksons braids to Mariah Carey’s curls, but best of all we show you how these 90s hairstyles are being styled today! 💁🏽‍♀️

Our editorial includes,

  • A gallery showcasing 25 iconic styles that defined an era of bold experimentation and individuality.

  • Videos delving into the nuances of the 90s look women loved

  • Best practices and maintenance tips to rock the styles effortless

90s Hairstyles for Women (Gallery)

90’s Voluminous Blowout

90s Hairstyles for Women gallery

Cindy Crawford perfectly showcased what it meant to stay hair with volume and glam!

The Rachel Haircut

90s Hairstyles for Women include the Rachel cut

The Rachel Haircut was a classic!

Shoulder-length style with face-framing layers and choppy ends, created by hairstylist Chris McMillan which became widely sought thanks to friends.

Short Pixie Cut with Fringe

90s Hairstyles for Women including short pixie cuts

The short pixie cut appeal lies in its ability to frame the face beautifully while offering a low-maintenance and stylish option for those looking for a short hairstyle.

Shoulder Length Curls

90s Hairstyles Women rocked

No one and I repeat no one did shoulder length curls like J-LO. Their ability to add volume and dimension made them a female favourite in the 90s.

Hair in an Updo

This hairstyle involved pulling the hair back tightly and securing it at the crown of the head, creating a sleek and polished look

Short Pixie with Short Fringe

Nothing like the tradition pixie but with a shorter fringe, thus create more attention to the overall profile.

90s Curls with Highlights

Hair Jewellery Clips

Hair jewellery has also been used to accentuate a wide range of hairstyles which fit the 90s exaggerated aesthetic.

Thick Braids

The influence of the film “Poetic Justice extended far beyond the silver screen. Braids during the 90s became a symbol of empowerment and self-expression, particularly for Black women

Designer Blonde Wigs

The 90s saw the rise of wig-wearing who often used this as a means of transforming their appearance for performances, red carpet events, or media appearances.

Short Bob with Front Bangs

Light Waves with Fringes

Straight Root with Curled Ends

Short Pixie Waves

The signature messy look, gelled down pixie cut with waves! If pictures could speak this would say “IS THAT YO CHICK?”

Hair with Bandana

Bandanas were an essential accessory in 90s fashion, often worn in various ways to add a touch of edge, rebellion, or casual cool to outfits.

Blonde Blow-Dry

Middle Parting with Jewellery Pieces

Here’s how Gen Z & Millennials are styling the 90s Hairstyles!

Short Bob with Hair Accessories

90s Overnight Blowout

Puffed Up Bob

Purple Space Bun with Front Bangs

 Slicked Side Fringe with Updo

Dark Roots with Blonde Hair (Voluminous)

The Rachel Cut

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