50 Cent Height (Measurements & Proof)

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50 cent’s Height has been recorded at 6 Foot tall (182.88 cm) and we have provided the proof within our editorial.

The 50 cent Height conversation has been vastly covered across the internet and forums with wrong information and it’s our job to not only set the record straight but provide evidence.

50 Cent Height Evidence

How do we know for certain 50 cent is in fact 6 foot tall? Back in 1994 50 was arrested for dealing drugs and sent to a Correctional Services shock incarceration program. In the mug shot what does 50’s height record say? Exactly thank us later!

Mug Shot Containing 50s Height

Who said Heartafact isn’t the best when it comes to facts?

Height in Comparison

For further context we have used images of Shaq and Mayweather’s height.

Shaq on Neil’s Height – 7 ft 1 in (216 cm)

Mayweather Height – 5 ft 8 in (173 cm)

50 Cent Height in Comparison

While 50 cent doesn’t make the tallest rappers in Hip Hop list he most certainly towers over the majority of his peers.

This image perfectly helps illustrate & compare his height to other celebrities. So it’s now clear and evident that 50 cent is taller than most men but short in comparison to the tallest athletes across the world. I mean let’s cut 50 some slack, not many people are going to tower over Shaq! He literally is an anomaly, a beast!

At the Super Bowl LVI halftime show 50 made an appearance as a part of Dr Dre’s set where it was noticeable to see the rappers weight gain.

We have seen 50’s weight naturally fluctuate throughout his career as most people would experience which makes it hard to determine his weight.

His height however is a fact! 50 cent is 6 Foot Tall make no mistake about it.

50 Cent Bio

Name: Curtis Jackson

Birth Date: 6 July, 1975

Aged: 46 Years Old

Birth Place: South Jamaica, New York, U.S

Nationality: American

Profession: Rapper

Musical Debut: 2002

Final Words

Since 50’s debut album in 2003 he has had massive success in TV, Music and Film. His impact is global and multi-cultural. Any subject relating to the MC will always be a talking point which is why his height being in question doesn’t surprise us one bit.

Rappers have often time used their height to brag and demonstrate masculinity and 50 is well within he’s right to do so, bow wow on the other hand maybe not as much. You get the picture, 50 cent is tall!

Similarly to the 50 cent height conversation, Pop Smokes Height has been a topic of interest since his death and we have taken the time to cover the topic with facts and evidence as we have done within this article.

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