5 things Cadet taught us about Life

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The sudden and unfortunate passing of Cadet has left many people deeply saddened and disheartened.

With a bright future in music, sponsorship deals and what would have been his first wireless festival booking, unfortunately ended way too soon for the young artist. It was announced on the 9th Feb 2019 he passed away in a taxi on his way to a gig.

As opposed to focusing on his death I’ve decided to revisit what Cadet taught us while he was alive. He was an inspiration to many and especially young people, with 100’s of friends, family and supporters turning up to hype park to pay their respects proved just how many people he touched.

Here’s 5 things we can learn about Cadet’s life, legacy and what he will be remembered for


Total Transparency

Cadet had great flow, presence, storytelling ability but what set him apart from many was his total transparency. He used freestyles as opportunities to share his life’s trials and tribulations.  He deployed a great level of honesty within his songs and freestyles such as letter to Krept where he allowed himself to be vulnerable and speak about the issues that bothered him but made it a point to show love for Krept or his behind bars freestyle which he openly admitted his father to being on drugs while he was younger however making a strong recovery and staying clean.

Lesson: Don’t be afraid to speak your truth


From being known mostly as “Krepts Cousin” to the underrated Legend, Cadet’s life is a testament that staying true to yourself always wins.  His unique catch phrase yelled all over freestyles, songs and videos CADET CADET will be echoed in memories for years to come.

One thing that stands out to most about Cadet was his fun humorous nature. He wasn’t afraid to show a silly side to himself and not take things seriously. His UBER freestyles perfectly embodied what it meant to have fun and be yourself without trying to follow what worked for others.

Lesson: Don’t go with the flow, be the Flow!

Fan Appreciation

Cadet always took it upon himself to always show gratitude and appreciation towards fans while he was alive. It didn’t matter if a room of 10, 20, 100 or 1000 people showed up, he always made sure to give it his all and always appreciated the fans who supported him. Many fans felt a personal connection towards Cadet & came to pay respects which massively speaks to his character.

Lesson: Appreciate your audience no matter how big or small it is

Show love to your loved ones

As his death was announced on social media with the timeline showing condolences, a reoccurring common theme seemed to appear which was everyone that knew Cadet personally seemed to know how much he loved and valued them. Cadet didn’t think he was to cool for this, he let his friends know how much he loved them. We get an insight into this at the end of the track “Letter to krept” where he reminds his cousin his love for him.

Lesson: Give your loved ones their roses while there alive and well.

Leave your mark on the world

If you watch any of Cadet’s past interviews its evident he was chasing what he believed was his dream. He had tunnel vision focus and wanted to leave his mark, which is now evident he did. It’s unfortunately that he died on his way to perform, however Cadet’s death was a reminder too many young people that life is not promised therefore make sure you do whatever it is to purse your passion gifts and dreams.

One of the best things about Cadet’s Life is that to his mother he achieved so much and she was proud of him. A lot of times in life we do what we do and forget our why.

Lesson: Chase Legacy not money


Cadet is someone who was a lot of things but to me he was a person living their life to the fullest by pursing their dream. A lot of people don’t get the opportunity to do this or let fear consume them and never even try.

I hope you can take these lessons and apply them to your life.

Cadet, Rest in Peace.

A tribute show will be held on his birthday 2nd March 2019 – 02 Brixton Academy

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